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Dr Ugochkwu urges Mbaise indigenes to join hands And make Mbaise a great nation

A renowned medical practitioner, Dr Uzoma Ugochukwu, has made a clarion call to all sons and daughters of Mbaise both at home and in diaspora to join hands and make mbaise a great nation.

Dr Ugochukwu made the call during an interactive Radio programme *on* the Mbaise Policy Roundtable (MPR) Global 101.9 FM Aguneze Mbaise weekly radio show, with the moderator Mr Kennedy Onwunali.
The Mbaise born graduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) disclosed that he has worked with a lot of organizations including the World Health Organisation (WHO) stating, that he has been able to support implementation of programmes across the globe, especially as it pertains to emergence programming.
The Mbaise Policy Round Table guest however, emphasized that he grew up from a humble background and actually had a humble beginning, served and worked in Niger State for a while, went back to school for his masters degree programme and thereafter started his sojourn in public health.
The Public Health Practitioner equally revealed that he is not a loud person but has always been there supporting in humanitarian activities as well as community service to his people even those unknown to him and also across the nation as a whole.
He further stated that he has actually been involved in politics because, he believed strongly that if one must change the community, LGA, state, nation and the world at large, one must not play deviant politics but rather, should always participate to be able to produce the right leaders for the community, the local area, and the state up to the national level.
On his achievements, he posited that he has been involved in various development services, stressing that his interest as a person is to start with health, especially public health, to ensure that his people live in good health. Also in education as it is the key to growth in any community.
The guest maintained that any community that wants to grow must embark on education and any development whether in ICT or health, whatever it is must have to do with education. He disclosed that he and his family are working hard to support people through scholarship from primary to secondary even to university levels not only in his community but also to people that they don’t really know, adding that if God blesses one, the person should as well bless others .
He equally, disclosed that they are proposing a medical service care hopefully by next year as he recalled that last time in 2020, they were able to bring medical practitioners who offered medical services as well as surgical services to over 5000 people who were attended to including complex surgical cases.
He stated that a lot of people who could not afford the medical services in medical facilities nearby, which were quite expensive, equally benefitted from the medical care services. He expressed displeasure that people are really suffering and dying in silence as they cannot afford certain basic needs hence they remain in silence as they have nobody to talk to, they remain there as the quality of the life they are living also remains poor.

He further posited that they intend to make it a regular programme as they have plans to erect a community hospital that would serve not just his community alone but rather a hospital where other communities will have access to medical health care and to ensure that people would not die due to minor ailments which have been happening in the various communities.
On the issue of social life, he stated that they have been carrying out a lot of different activities. They fund tournaments every year within the communities which helps to keep restive youths together in football competition among others.
He maintained that life is best lived when one lives to the service of humanity, stressing that when a person ls living and has nothing to offer to the society, such a person is not living well hence the need for one to always think of how to reduce/alleviate the sufferings of other people.

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