A major reason Nigeria is still struggling for survival has been hinged on selfish politicians who go into offices not to serve the public but rather to make life better for themselves and their associates.

This was revealed by the Accord party candidate for the Imo State governorship election billed for November 11, 2023, Ikenga Johnjude Okere while featuring on Global FM 101.9, recently.

“What we have seen since 1999 is a case of individuals taking politics as a profession for purely profit-making purposes”, he said, adding, ” These set of politicians do not see political positions from the position of service”.

He maintained that this queer political philosophy has been the sole reason why people with gross incompetence usually struggle for national assembly and presidential positions.

According to him, “For them, it is a structural thing to secure power for selfishness as well as self-enrichment, not service for humanity. In fact, any person who sees politics as a means of making money cannot serve the public”.

Ikenga Johnjude blamed the masses for abdicating their duties by allowing the politicians to always buy them off with the money.

He said, “You see when you allow these corrupt politicians to buy your votes and emerge as winners, you, the people, have already comprised. The result is, if your state was not indebted, the man who buys votes to be elected will make it to be an indebted state because he will borrow to pay off the money he took from individuals to run the election.

“And, if he the state was already indebted, he will make it worse. Thus, the best thing to do is to shun them and their ill-gotten wealth and money. But if they are already voted, you kick them out in the next election”.

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