POCACOV in my school is one of the POCACOV activities that is concentrated on schools/colleges and other institutions of higher learning often described as major homes of young persons.POCACOV in My School concerns itself with Value Reorientation ,Self Discovery and strategic leadership direction through Advocacy,Awareness Creation/Sensitization,Reorientation and Mentoring .This borne out of the survey conducted by the POCACOV Resource Centre dwelling on the fact that young persons quickly make contact in schools with one and another even though they may not have known the background of the chosen friend/parents or what they do.Apart from this ,School creates platform of socialization for young minds amongst others.This means that the tendency to be convinced ,lured or coerced into processes that could take them to cultism and other social vices are visualized and cork sure coupled with elements of independency that they also enjoy for those in higher institutions who are living in the school and off camps.Based on the foregoing,it became imperative for an approach that is multi dimensional to help raise awareness ,sensitize ,Reorient ,Mentor and also galvanize stakeholders support and partnership as well as enhancing participation for problem solving (POCACOV IN MY SCHOOL).
So many crime exist amongst our young minds today in various schools and institutions of higher learning which constantly threaten the socio economic ecosystem and existence .They include Exam Malpractice,Advance Fee Fraud (A.K.A Yahoo Yahoo),Trafficking in persons /Smuggling of migrants,Cultism and other Voodoo activities amongst others .It is lamentable to note that some young minds are now seeing the way of cultism ,Violent behaviours and other vices as a way out and measures to help them overcome the perceived challenges.While some try to overcome the challenges by abusing substance and drug with a claim/understanding that it will help them cope with the challenges on ground.
Just as Buddha will put it and I quote “All Wrong -doing arises because of Mind.If the Mind is transformed,Can wrong -doing remain?.
It is in the light of the above that POCACOV In my school activity was drawn to take the message of integrity ,Say No to cultism,Bullying,Substance and drug abuse(Advance Fee fraud AKA YAHOO YAHOO) and other vices and Be a Champion to School under POCACOV School 2 School Campaign in order to transform the minds of the young ones to become committed and better citizens and discover themselves as future leaders.During the POCACOV in my School activities ,young minds are reoriented and sensitized on factors that facilitate the ugly trend of exam malpractice and other vices such as Low Moral Standard in Schools ,Candidates fear of failure,Inadequate preparation for examinations ,Substance and Drug Abuse,Cultism ,Parental pressure for good grades  and also Value which is attached to paper qualification or certificate.The issue of get rich quick syndrome and phobia for challenges are usually x-rayed as well as considerations in making friends amongst all.POCACOV in my school is in line with the Aims and objectives of POCACOV Viz;;To Sensitize Members of the Public on the Dangers of belonging to Cult Group(S),To Re-Awaken the Security Consiousness of Members of the public ,To Inculcate Moral Values in our Youths and Re-awaken that of the Adults,To Educate Relevant Stakeholders  such as Traditional Rulers and their community members,Town union Presidents ,Political Class,Youth Leaders and various youth groups,Market Union Leaders and Members,Student Union leaders and members,Parents and Teachers Association ,Faith based organizations amongst others.
This is a deliberate ,planned and sustainable efforts by the Nigeria Police Force on the use of the instrumentality of the community oriented policing (C.O.P] and that of the Evidence Based Policing (E.B.P) m


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