Home Entertainment Emilia Asim-Ita died after appendicitis surgery – Brother

Emilia Asim-Ita died after appendicitis surgery – Brother


Co-founder of The Future Awards Africa and former partner, Red Media Africa, Emilia Asim-Ita, is dead.

Brother of the deceased, Williams Asim-Ita, said the she died after an appendicitis surgery at the age of 33.

“My sister died yesterday at about 8:20 am. She had an appendix rupture. The appendix had a small lump underneath it and that lump burst; that spleen went to her intestines and it polluted some parts of her intestine. She had to go through a surgery to cut the affected part of the intestines. It was successful as it was done by a specialist,” Williams said in a chat with newsmen.

Speaking further, Williams noted that his sister was already active and was meant to be discharged today but she slumped yesterday when she was about taking her routine stroll.

“She was supposed to be discharged today. She had been okay, strolling around and they had even changed her hospital dress to normal dress, which showed that she was ready to go home.

“Yesterday, she was about to take her normal morning routine stroll and that is how she slumped; before we knew it, we had lost her. She was in hospital for about nine days. Immediately she learnt that she had a ruptured appendix, she went for the surgery the next day. The next morning the surgery was done and it was successful,” he said.


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