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“My Story As Substantive Bishop of Ahiara Diocese is a Humble One” – Bishop Nwobi




The Substantive Bishop of Ahiara Diocese, Bishop Simeon Nwobi said that his missionary life has been a humble one through God’s faithfulness.

Speaking exclusively with Silvernews.com.ng, the second substantive Bishop of Ahiara Mbaise Catholic Diocese expressed happiness for the appointment by the Holy Father as Bishop of Ahiara.

He gave thanks to God for His faithfulness and love while congratulating the adherents for being steadfast during the challenges and crisis that engulfed the church.

His words: “I am excited and thankful to God for His faithfulness and love. It is just the Lord’s doing and we keep saying thank you to Him who choses and sends.

“I thank Him that God has eventually solved a problem that has drawn Mbaise back for sometime now but today our people are happy and I am excited. I ask God to give us the Grace to recover the loss.

“It has been God’s faithfulness and steadfastness that has really propelled me to this point. The missionary life is not a career, it’s a vocation and a call.

“My own story is a humble one. My own spirituality is bloc rosary spirituality and I think God has been faithful to me. I rely on His faithfulness because I am not worthy but He keeps drawing me to himself.

“I want to congratulate them because what God has done is not just for one person (me) but it is about our people. I want to thank them for their steadfastness especially during these challenges and the crisis. Nobody left the church. They have remained resolute to the faith. I call them to rise up and give thanks to God for what he has done.”

Recall he was appointed Titular Bishop of Rusgunie and Auxiliary Bishop of the Apostolic Administrator sede vacante of Ahiara (Nigeria) on 14th October 2023, receiving episcopal consecration on the following 19th December.


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