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Barr Njoku commended on his philanthropic gestures in the society


The Founder Emmanuel Njoku Foundation, Barr Emma Njoku has been commended for his philanthropic gestures towards the indigent people in the society and humanity in general.

One of the callers who called during the Mbaise Policy round table phone in programme, Mr Chigbomkpam Anyanwu from Ezinihitte,
described Barr Njoku as a philanthropist per excellence, a man full of human kindness, a good son of Mbaise. He thanked him for all his philanthropic gestures towards humanity, the widows, indigents, and for road constructions in some areas in Mbaise, among others as he urged him to keep up the good work.
Mr Anyanwu however expressed displeasure over some Mbaise indigenes that have investments, factories among other things, outside the country but cannot boast of any single thing they have done in Mbaise land or for their people. He urged Mbaise indigenes to borrow a leaf from Barr Njoku who recognises that charity begins at home.
The moderator, Mr Kennedy Onwunali earlier described Global 101 .9 FM Aguneze Mbaise, Mbaise Policy Roundtable, as a programme where they discuss with individuals from who over the years have touched and changed lives of people without making it public.
The Barrister who was a guest at Global 101.9 FM Aguneze Mbaise Policy Round table with the moderator Mr Kennedy Onwunali spoke on his Emma Njoku Foundation, stating, that it was established to help the less-privileged, indigent people, as well as the needy in the society, put smiles on their faces as well as give them a sense of belonging. He maintained that he has the passion to help the poor and the helpless in the society anywhere he finds himself.
The Mbaise born Barrister posited that his motivation is just to help out and save lives, adding that the Foundation is geared towards reaching out to people, give them a sense of belonging through the resources God blessed him with adding that though they don’t have solution to all the problems in the land but they they will keep doing what they can in order to touch lives as the Lord strengthens him.
The legal luminary however, frowned that people do things, help others and expect what they can get in return, describing it as a very bad thing to do as he vehemently condemned it in clear terms.
He maintained that he is not helping people to get something in return, or do it for politics, emphasizing that he is not interested in politics but he is helping because God has led it in his heart to always reach out to others and any time there is an opportunity to do that he does it wholeheartedly without hesitation not only in Mbaise, Imo State, or Nigeria but also outside the country.
On the issue of politics, he stated that politics in Nigeria is quite different from other countries frowning, that Nigerian politics is not helping the people as Nigerians are not getting it right equally.
He stated that politics should be free, fair and credible, peaceful as well as transparent, not a do or die affair, nor a time to destroy electoral materials, injure people or waste human lives.
Speaking further, he enjoined the electorate to shun desperate politicians that would tell them to snatch ballot boxes, cause trouble, kill people for them to win election and abandon them later. He thereby, urged the people to make a good choice, vote the right candidate adding, that every eligible voter is free to vote for the candidate of his choice and not to be forced to vote candidates against their wish as he advised politicians to thread with caution.
He thereby, charged every Mbaise indigene to support them both morally, technically financially and g GH notherwise to make Mbaise progress in every good way assuring them that hee will always give his full support in any way possible for the station to succeed.


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