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We must become responsible as Govt, individuals to harness Sports – Kachi Nwoga


Action Democratic Party (ADP) governorship candidate in the November 11th election in Imo State, Dr. Kachi Nwoga said as a government and individuals, sports must be harnessed for the development of the State.

Speaking with Wakawaka Sports Extra on Global FM Sports Update, Dr. Nwoga decried the inability of Nigerian to maximise the benefits of sports.

According to him, Imolites should give him the mandate to turn things around in the state through security, education and job creation.

“Sports is something natural to Africa and even Nigeria and it’s a festivity for us all the time. We really must maximise it. These are some of the opportunities this state should harness.

“We have this level of unemployment and yet all these opportunities like cultural festival, the sports opportunities which are natural to us. In football, boots for each player, one ball for two teams and you are telling me we don’t know what to do to make this happen at every level, even U-9, U-13 or U-15?

“This what I’ve been saying all the time. We really must become responsible as government, as people in order to promote and harness sports and use it to solve our youth engagement. As far back as 12 years ago, I was in Germany and I saw that Germany had nothing less 120,000 direct employees in football. Compare that figure to the total number of Federal employees in Nigeria and compare the ration according to population of both countries.

“These are why we seek that God gives us the opportunity, and let us turn this state around. Security, education and jobs all rolled into one program – Creating the opportunities and preparing our people to be able to take up these opportunities and in the end you are going to have everybody doing something in the society.”


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