Mbaise Nation Football League Partners POCACOV On High Performance Community Sports program,Set To Train youth In both coaching ,Sports medicine ,self discovery etc

The Mbaise Nation Football League which is community driven program to enhance public safety,community peace building and offering of life changing opportunities for younger minds have kicked off at Nkwogwu Mbaise in Imo State with a lot of funfare and excitement .

Speaking on the objective of the program ,the Imo State Chairman of Police Campaign Against Cultism And Other Vices (POCACOV) Mr Kennedy Onwunali who also is the Chief Executive officer of Wakawaka Sports Extra maintained that the activity is put together in partnership with the police campaign Against Cultism And Other Vices (POCACOV) in line with the vision of it’s high performance community sports activity program to offer life changing opportunities to youths and create the thinking of strategic leadership on them as well as enhancing community peace building for a functional society .
He further highlighted that the activity will expose younger minds to lectures and seminars on coaching ,sports medicine and sports as an alternative Meaningful Pathways .

He assured that the league will help create various life changing opportunities such as employment of 50 youths in coaching ,sports medicine, Sports media amongst all as the program is designed to last at least six months with various professionals in the field of sports medicine ,coaching and media available . According to him ,they will also be exposed to the rules of the game as it will help them to function as great players /Athletes .
I am of the POCACOV and I know what it means for our younger minds to thrive hence the need to work with different stakeholders and multi Agencies to achieve a situation of provision of life changing opportunities for a greater society ,community peace building.
Mbaise Nation Football League is not leaving any stone unturned in making our illustrious youths more meaningful as they are by making them to be more focused and purposeful and that is why we collaborating with POCACOV and other relevant bodies including the state police command for a safe ,peaceful and secured communities using the instrumentality of high performance community sports program .

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