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Abua Welcomes Monday’s ruling by an FCT High Court that sat in Nyanya



Sammy Abua, the claimant in the suite that eventually sacked Joseph Udalle, as players’ representative on the Board of the Handball Federation of Nigeria (HFN), has welcomed Monday’s ruling by an FCT High Court that sat in Nyanya, and hailed it as judgment well served.
Mr. Abua said he was in particular pleased with the pronouncement by Justice Alfred Okpe that the unilateral manipulation of the unambiguous electoral guidelines, issued by the Sports Ministry, by the immediate past Secretary General of the HFM, Alh. Mohammed Maigidansama was mischievous and intended to favour a particular candidate.
“…the guilt felt by the former SG was evident, in that he was never in Court, even for a day to put a defense” Abua said.
He also said he welcomes the appeal being contemplated by Udalle, who had on Monday said he was heading to the Upper Court to upturn the ruling, because it lacked substance, and could have ripple negative effect, on all the other polls conducted for the players and technical reps of the other 31 federations.
According to Abua, he is ready to follow the matter to its logical conclusion, with a view to putting an end to the incessant indiscretions, and manipulations, in Sports Federations elections in the country.
“The judgment also aptly underlines the clarity of injustices and breaches of due processes, perpetuated by the Sam Ocheho led HFN Board”.
“The ruling that upturned the election is also an indictment on the administration of Sunday Dare as the Ministry of Youth and Sport inability to instill fairness, and equity in key Sports Federations, like the Athletics Federation of Nigeria, Nigeria Basketball Federation, Badminton Federation and now the HFN.
He added that all Sports are built on those precepts, and for each federation to thrive, fair-play and justice, must be uph


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