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The National Coordinator Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices(POCACOV) CSP Ebere Amaraizu has revealed that the upcoming POCACOV AND ASTRIC  Under 15 Boys and Girls Long Vacation program in partnership with Rangers International Football Club Enugu,Nigeria Nationwideleague one (NLO)i,Matchmakers International Consult,Yagazie Foundations amongst others, will create several platforms that will support parents to navigate their methods away from enforcement of consequences to focusing on helping children grow from their mistakes and practice encouragement.He made this known to newsmen while reacting on the essence of the activity.According to Amaraizu,the activity which has benefits for Families ,Schools and Communities  is a free PARENT SUPPORT activity  of  POCACOV   linked to the community based crime prevention interventions/Strategies  of the Nigeria Police Force(NPF).  It  is  to help parents ,guardians ,caregivers inculcate the habit of self control and resilience amongst children to issue of joining membership of unlawful societies(CULT AND VIOLENT GROUP) and other vices through the use of sports parenting .He further revealed that the program which will take place between August and September 2022 precisely from 27th August to 5th of September in Enugu with the Theme as OUR CHILDREN MUST THRIVE  will feature Seminars on Soccer and Strategic  leadership direction ,Introduction to fitness training ,Introduction to soccer(SOCCER THEORIES),Football work and drills/Identifications of positions amongst other mouth watering activities to improve on their cognitive tendencies not to give in to pressures of vices and to see themselves as prospective leaders.The Activity is also  aimed at restoration of family unit system/framework as well as its roles  towards  what it use to be before the advent of the industrial revolution and digital age in relation to the gaps created in parenting and challenges. Recall that while the digital age has created a lot of parenting challenges,the industrial revolution has also led to a gap in parenting responsibiliy as parents continually move out in search of greener pastures without much supervision on children ,a situation which has exacerbated  by parental neglect especially during  long vacations and other situations and one of the contributory factors leading to youth/children engagement and involvement into membership of an unlawful societies,Substance and drug abuse,internet fraud,violent behaviours and other vices .The Activity will also afford young minds opportunities to emulate from the good examples of the Champions nutured and brought up by the Rangers international football Club and their impacts in the society and the Nation at large and make them imbibe their good virtues .The participating children and youths will interact with others,learn the history and determined spirit of Rangers international football club in line with its slogan of NEVER SAY DIE and the motto of Rangers —–Through Difficulties to the Height amongst others and be able to seek to apply it in order to be a champion of their dream.The Activity will also among other things ,serve as a platform to expose young minds to the tenets of olympic sports education and Olympic Values of Excellence,Respect and Friendship and cutting across the principles of Sportsmanship,Fair Play and tolerance which is required in our day to day dealings and as prospective leaders. POCACOV is the NPF Community Policing Initiative and Public Relations Tool working with different stakeholders and Multi Agencies and galvanizing their support and partnership as well as enhancing participation towards problem solving (NON KINETIC) for a safe,paeceful and secured communities.



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