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Natives of the Mind–Ikenga Jonjude Okere.

Ikenga Johjuld Okere MVP Sponsor

If your aspiration for equity, fairness, justice, economic empowerment, political wellness, competent leadership, human capital development demands that you walk through hell; then take the walk like you own the place. Stepping forward out of the deep hollow of allowance made imaginarily by ones back when pushed to the wall is a fate all progressives must embrace. This is because what was taken upon as a safety measure to shun a reprisal attacks in the confronting cases of hostility and inequitable treatment has become so unsafe for the balanced and healthy survival of an individual or group of people. Just like you cannot moderate the pitch of first cry outburst of a child when beaten; so can you not choreograph the step of the aggrieved that have been emboldened to lunch out from the misery hollow dept as a result of their allowance for inequitable treatment.

No one is gifted with the charm to choreograph in synchronism the emotional effect of bitterness, loss of equity, bad governance, or political assault against a people. No one is gifted with the Omni-knowing ability of asserting how dramatic the consequences that will exhume from inequitable actions are plotted in their diverse settings.

Our minds are in unison on the basic principles of equity, fairness, justice, economic empowerment and competent leadership but it is only bias and self centeredness that corrupts us into looking away from injustice and inequitable actions because the system favors us. So as natives of the mind who dwell on the details of activities around us in review of their merits and consequences; we need to begin to walk like we own the place. In this journey, the cowardly act of patronizing a course in deceit for self gains should be discouraged in order to enable us find a path that is rich in solution, sustainable and objective.

A rich and empowered nation is one with enormous advantage available to her with exposure, resourceful contacts and economic muscle to persuade negotiations in her favor. She also stands tall with the resources to put together a military apparatus to wedge of invaders or enemies. This is also applicable to any region that understands the liberating principles of an economically and industrially empowered space. They chase out hunger, increase job and life sustaining opportunities; they attract an overwhelming population that can sustain the growth and profitability of industries and their ancillary services. They can then negotiate power and more opportunities in their favor through the economic muscle acquired through smart implementation of the principles of economic engineering. Their fortunes, opportunities and importance in the negotiation of a nation will then be re-evaluated on pure objective backgrounds and no more on the emotional reflection of bitterness from long years of hate and inequitable treatment.

At the interim rather than contribute money for ammunition, let us partner as a responsible private sector and contribute to the massive set up of small, medium and large enterprises across the eastern region. Let us advocate for economic wholeness of our region while preserving any little opportunity, infrastructure available within the region at the moment. Let us encourage the unity of the eastern region and establish the understanding that no person’s life across the eastern region is justified to be wasted for whatever reason at all. It should be our unified duty to advocate and protect the right to live of each and every one of us no matter the provocation.

To the government and behind the scene leadership of our nation Nigeria; the disaffection you created through your callous inequitable actions against people of the eastern region has grown into a hydra headed monster fueled by bitterness, sting of betrayal and conspiracy arrangement to limit people of the eastern region in the opportunity spread and leadership of the nation. Many have taken diverse routes for the absence of viable opportunities thereby claim and justify their bitterness towards the nation with their quest for self determination. More would join them as long as the state of gross hopelessness lingers on with the evident marginalization of the people of the eastern region. A call for a smart tailor made political solution on the above matter is yarning for attention.

As a follow up, I call for the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and others that have taken diverse models to agitate against failed leadership, inequitable treatment against people of the eastern region, the absence of good healthcare, standard education, epileptic electricity and lack of other basic amenities. Also a patriotic national endorsement, support and actualization of a seasoned technocrat, competent in delivery, conservative, accountable, tested and trusted individual for the 2023 Nigerian President of eastern extraction will be a healing wand to chart an equitable direction for the nation.

May a legitimate opportunity for your celebration be made manifest through grace.

Ya diri anyi mma!!! (It shall be well with us)

Ikenga Jonjude Okere


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