Let Us Create Three New Cities; the Transfiguration Alert

Ikenga Johjuld Okere MVP Sponsor

Our preoccupation at this point should be to do a quick refresher in other to sustain the biblical documentation of the transfiguration. For those who are not rooted in the Christian teaching or those who out of no making of their own are burdened with the impress of forgetfulness. For this category I will do a quick extract of the hidden wisdom abound in the documentation of the transfiguration. Summarily put, the transfiguration is the divine impartation of ideas towards capacity building, developmental architecture, ingenuity, creativity, selflessness, presentation module, appropriation as intervention for a conceived necessity born out of love for radiant transformation. Now listen to your minds voice; you will hear it re-echoing; “If you want, let us make three tents, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah”.

Dazzling ideas are born out of necessity of time and purpose. So, for today’s necessity of providing adequate solution for the gross lack of individual sustaining opportunities, business and economic developmental capacity within the silent boundaries of the Biafran or eastern region; dazzling developmental ideas needs to be given form and shape. For today’s need to de-motivate the continuous body migration out of the eastern region, radiant ideas need to take live in other to purposefully effect the backward migration of people that have left the region and further populate the region with the crowd of job and business opportunity seekers.
Considering the urgency and importance of the matters arising from the above presentation, it will be adequate to propose thus; “Let us create three new functional cities, purposefully built to energize, populate and transform the silent boundaries of the Biafran or eastern region into economically vibrant, competitive and self-sustaining one.

Considering a strategic deployment of the principles of developmental engineering, a Government, Private Sector, Community Partnership Program (GPCP) would thoroughly, task-fully and transparently create a new world of opportunities through applied infrastructure. By applied infrastructure I refer to infrastructures with functional attributes towards the actualization of an economically empowered region.

Twelve large industries across diverse sectors with the capacity of generating 10,000 to 30,000 direct employment with other ancillary support job opportunities and six new high institutions to accommodate our large regional admission deficit. This will help keep majority of our new generation within the silent boundaries of the Biafran or eastern region while also attracting more of the young population to same region. It will also create as much direct employment and other ancillary support job opportunities or more than the estimation from the effect of the large industries. The activation of these large industries with other developmental enablers will ignite the business and investment interest of our sons and daughters globally thereby making the region experience a bombardment offshoot of other large, small, medium businesses as a healthy and profitable environment for doing business.

Let us create three new cities; twelve large industries, four for each new strategic city; six high institutions, two each for the new cities. The enormous capacity inherent in a well-structured, accountable, transparent Government, Private Sector, Community Partnership Program (GPCP) will deliver for the silent boundaries of the Biafran region a new world of job, business and economic opportunities which in its ripple effect will empower and embolden the region for national and international business negotiations.

May a legitimate opportunity for your celebration be made manifest through grace.

Ya diri anyi mma!!! (It shall be well with us)

Ikenga Jonjude Okere

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