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Pocacov ,working with different Stakeholders and multi Agencies to enhance participation and involvement of young minds to sustain sports,imbibe ethical values and behaviour for a greater society .Taekwondo boss Enugu


The  Enugu state Chairman of Taekwondo Association ,Ebere Amaraizu has disclosed that sports is beyond a unifying factor and competitive activity going by it’s core values  and teaching of ethical values .This was made known to newsmen in Enugu on 17/1/2022 shortly after his interface with Taekwondo coaches and grandmasters on the Pocacov /Taekwondo planned program of action for the first quarter of the year tagged: Taekwondo 4 Education designed to reach out young minds in schools and colleges to acquaint them with  the tenets of Taekwondo and enlist their interest in Taekwondo or any other sporting events of their choice .According to CSp Ebere Amaraizu who also is  a sports certified coach and the National coordinator police campaign Against Cultism and other vices (POCACOV) the Npf community policing initiative and public Relations Tool working with different stakeholders and multi Agencies and galvanizing their support and partnership and enhancing their Participations towards problem solving  for a safe, peaceful and secured communities,pocacov partnership will help to strenghten the drive because young minds (Boy and girl child )are the focal point  and it revolves around our activity base program  of the community base crime prevention approach as supply chains and conveyor belts of those factors fuelling their involvement in crime especially Cultism, substance and drug abuse , violent behaviours and other vices will be cut off.

Amaraizu added that catching them young will put sports in the proper pedestal of having a brighter future  and sports program sustainability .The importance of sports core and ethical values in our young minds upbringing and for a greater society cannot be overemphasize .All the sports have their ethical values which if our young minds get involved and pass through them ,we shall have a platform of self discoveries for strategic leadership direction .young minds who are exposed to sports  like Taekwondo ,cultivate and imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship ,indomitable spirit ,integrity ,modesty ,do it yourself ,discipline and the spirit of healthy living and Life style because of the level of sports discipline . Taking sports to our schools and communities with a special focus on young minds as well as the involvement of the physically challenged  and others will help for sports growth and sustainability in line with the tenets of Olympicism .As Pocacov and Taekwondo have taken the bold step of enhancement of young minds participation for greater tomorrow ,it is therefore pertinent for all of sundry to join hands and participate actively through  their support  at all levels because sports is all about tolerance ,fair play ,social justice ,friendship ,self discovery ,National integration ,healthy being Amongst others .
Coach Ebere Amaraizu is the Enugu state chairman of Taekwondo Association ,Vice chairman of Enugu state Boxing Association and the National coordinator Pocacov .


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