Embrace dialogue to check insecurity in Imo—constitutional lawyer tells Uzodimma.

A constitutional lawyer and a former Vice presidential candidate of National Action Council (NAC) in the 2019 general election, Barr.Justice C. Ughuegbu has advised Governor Hope Uzodimma to embrace dialogue to check insecurity in the state.

The Human Right lawyer equally urged Governor Hope Uzodimma to as a matter of urgency convoke a meeting of stake holders where nagging issues concerning insecurity in the state would be seriously looked into and resolved amicably.

Ughuegbu while speaking with the media in Owerri, said that the meeting irrespective of political party inclinations should involve technocrats, critical stakeholders including the best brains in the state who could profer solution to the situation.

He outrightly condemned the idear of bringing in security personnel into the state which according to him does not save or resolve the issue at hand.

Ughuegbu, a former House of Assembly candidate in Lagos State advised the Governor to rise up to the current challenges in the state and find the best approach towards combating crimes by engaging the people with ideas.

He identified one of the major problems affecting the state to what he described as lack of sincerity of purpose which to certain levels have negatively Imo State to.

Barr. Ughuegbu said that it is unfortunate that Imo that was known as a peaful state in the  country has overnight, sudenly turned to a state of terror because of insecurity.

According to him insecurity in the state has gone to alerming rate and yet leaders, the statesmen including our Representatives have refused to speak out.

Describing it as a conspiracy of silence, the lawyer wondered why can’t the leaders come together to trace both the origin of what is happening today and what has gone wrong with the state with a view to finding a lasting solution to safe the state from total break.

He said that giving the current situation in the state,  it’s  no longer  pertinent  to live everything for government when in actual fact as a stake holder and members of government by implicstion,  can  join hands  with government to unravel the situation.

On how best to indentify the remote course of insecurity in the state, Barr. Ughuegbu said that this may not be achieved without any gathering of stakeholders in the state.

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