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Communique of the First South East Basketball Stakeholders Forum ..


Communique of the First South East Basketball Stakeholders Forum

The South East basketball Stakeholders meetings took place a the conference hall of the Sky Rose hotel in Owerri on Saturday 6th March 2021.

The meeting which had in attendance representatives of the 5 States that make up the zone namely Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo represented by their various chairmen and secretaries was also witnessed by 5 coaches one each from the states and some members of the South East basketball veterans association.
The congress was declared open by the Director, Imo state Sports Commission represented by Emmanuel Metu.

At the end of the First of it’s kind extraordinary meeting the following were agreed.

1) The Congress thanked the Nigeria Basketball Federation NBBF over the way and manner it has handled the affairs of the game in the last 4 years after it’s inauguration in 2017.

2) The Congress congratulated the NBBF over the favourable verdict, winning the case against the former board of the NBBF led by Tijani Umar.

3) The Congress however questioned the inability of the NBBF board to organize any form of competition in the year 2020 not withstanding the challenges that came within the year occasioned by the out break of Covid-19.

With the First quarter of the year almost coming to an end the congress prayed on the NBBF to put mechinary in place to ensure that the various leagues happen this year 2021.

4) Notwithstanding the advent of covid-19 the congress took a knock for not being able to do much in 2020 where only one competition was organized for men in Awka and non for women.
They thanked Ejike Ugouaja for making it happen.

5) The Congress decried the non existence of basketball 🏀 facilities like court’s, standard Uprights balls and playing jerseys in the various states. They prayed on well meaning sons and daughters of the zone and the national body to look into the matter.
In this direction the congress thanked the present representative of the zone on the board of the NBBF Mr Osita Nwachukwu for attracting an up right from Giant of Africa but express sadness that the occasion of lunching was not properly utilized to attract more.

6) The Congress directed the various chairmen and secretaries to go back and come up with a structure that will include the following.
A) Schools basketball League that starts from the primary to the university.
B) South East basketball league that starts with state preliminaries and ends in the zonal finals.
C) Street basketball programmes that will help in unearthing the gifted players who may not have the opportunity of attending school.
D) That states begin to engage each other in friendly matches to keep the players busy.

7) The Congress stated that “enough is enough” where the zone is seen as second fiddle when it comes to decision making in the advancement of the game in the country, a situation where the zone is only remembered when it is time elections will no longer be accepted.

8) While the congress encouraged every member to aspire for greater heights, it advised any one nursing the ambition to become the zonal representative on the board to come up with a clear manifesto which will be all inclusive.

9) The Congress insists that it’s vote will go to the person who is sincerely interested in developing the game in the and not for political gains.
They advised member to distance themselves from those who give pienuts and make promises they can’t keep.
Moving forward they agreed the congress agreed that the zone will only speak with one voice.

10) The Congress advised all those wishing to contest the forthcoming elections to campaign properly by calling calling on the Stakeholders collectively.

11) The Congress thanked the present representative on the board Mr Osita Nwachukwu for the level he has taken the zone so far by ensuring that the year South East basketball championship for men and women always happen since it’s started in 2016.
The congress also used the opportunity to thank all those that have organized camps in the South East and encouraged not to relent in to their efforts.

12) The Congress encouraged all states veterans to contribute their quoter to the development of the game in the zone which is a way of giving back to the zone that made them.

13) The Congress encouraged all coaches to attend more self elevating courses and also called on other interested persons to avail themselves for referees, table officials, Match commissioner’s and other positions available in the running of the game.

1) @⁨Chike Nwagwu Basketball Ebinyi⁩
2) @⁨Coach Achu Kingsley kelechi Bball⁩ Ebonyi state
3) @⁨Coach Chidozie basketball⁩ Enugu State
4) Osondu Ngwude Enugu State
5) @⁨Nnaemeka Oguagha Basketball Anambra⁩ State
6) @⁨Paschaline Chinwe Sec Abia State Bball⁩
7) @⁨Kulupan Anosike Sec Imo State Basketball Association⁩
8) @⁨Ikennna Egwuagu Bball Veteran Owerri⁩
9) @⁨Paul Ekemezie Bball Veteran Owerri⁩


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