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Muoka Tasks Christians On Godly Living By Odinaka Uruakpa


Christians were during the week tasked to live godly lives, by doing the will of God always, rather than living their lives the way they choose. The General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry, TLCCRM, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, gave the charge during a two-day international crusade of the church tagged “From sorrow to joy” in Lagos. Noting that people were avoiding the cross, the painful aspect of serving God, as they live to please the flesh, Muoka stressed that God was not happy with those Christians who live the way they like, especially those doing things contrary to his (God) will. Said he: “These days, people who call themselves Christians, live their Christian lives not by the will of God, but in the way they choose to. People are avoiding the cross, the painful aspect of service to God; they live their lives to please the flesh. “If you are among those Christians who live their lives the way it pleases them, contrary to the wil of God, God is not happy with you”. The cleric said that no matter the position one held in the church, as long as they were living contrary to God’s wiil, it meant that they were uncoverted Christians. Said he: “No matter your position in the church, it shows that a life of uncoverted Christian. You have been convinced, but not converted”. While further urging chritians to live their lives according to the teachings of Christ, Pastor Muoka noted that the time for the rapture of the saints was close at hand. Maintained he: “There is no more time, the rapture is about to take place. Live your life according to the will of God the way Christ taught us. Without holiness, no one will see God. Confess your sin and accept Jesus as your Lord and savior. He that commits sin is of the devil, and all unrighteousness is sin”. Saying that Chosen is into world war with sin and its agents, the cleric added that people in the world are involved in one problem or the other, and it takes war to get them out of these problems. “Many people are into so many illegal and sinful businesses and the profits from them, so, telling people to stop patronizing them is a war and it’s challenging in itself”, he said. The cleric assured that God wil never fail those who come to him in repentance for held, adding that God will deliver them from any pit thee devil had previously cast them into. Said he: “All power belongs to God. Therefore, whatever the problem bothering you, he will bring them to nought because with God all things are possible. God is compassionate and he loves us to the end. Because of this, our sorrow shall be turned to joy. “God has not changed; je is the same today, yesterday and forever. He is the almighty, he is the omnipotent God, no kingdom can stand against his word. Today, our sorrowmshall be turned to joy. The Pastor also prayed against the evil scourge of coronavirus, as he cursed and destroyed the power of the disease against Nigeria and the entire world. Prayed Muoka: “In agreement with all of you, I curse coronavirus, I destroy its power; it will not ruin Nigeria and Nigerians. Whatever be the plans it has against Nigeria and the entire world, it will never stand nor succeed in Jesus mighty name”.



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