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Sports Minister Felicitates Christian Faithful During Easter, Calls for Greater Passion to Propel Nigerian Sports



The Honourable Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh has extended felicitations to Christian faithfuls in the celebration of Easter, urging dedication, passion and cooperation for national development as well as for the advancement of Nigerian sports.

In his Easter message, Senator Enoh stated that Easter is a time of reflection and renewal, and provides an opportunity for individuals and communities to come together in unity and solidarity.

He emphasized the importance of passion and dedication within the sports sector and hammered that collective efforts and collaboration among stakeholders are crucial for the growth and development of the industry.

“During this Easter season, let us reflect on the values of passion, cooperation, and unity,” said Senator John Owan Enoh. “I urge all stakeholders in the sports sector to imbibe greater passion and come together for the greater good. Together, we can achieve remarkable progress and elevate Nigerian sports to greater heights.”

The Minister reiterated his commitment to fostering a conducive environment for sports development in Nigeria. He highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts to make sports attractive to attract more corporate investments, grow infrastructure, enhance grassroots development, and capacity building initiatives.

“Nigerian sports possess immense potential, and it is our collective responsibility to nurture and harness this potential for the benefit of our nation,” Senator John Owan Enoh stated. “As we celebrate Easter, let us recommit ourselves to the vision of a vibrant and successful sports sector that contributes significantly to national development.”


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