Mbaise Indigenes Are Most Peculiar People on Earth – Achara Man


The people of Mbaise have been described as the most peculiar people on earth judging by their uniqueness and the blessings God endowed them with.

A renowned and accomplished artiste, Mr Obinna Okoro (Achara Man) disclosed this during a phoning programme anchored by the CEO of Silvernews Communications, Mr Kennedy Onwunali on Mbaise Business Personality update at Global 101.9 FM Agunaeze Ahiazu Mbaise local government area.

Okoro, who spoke on his newly released song, the widely/downloaded listening album especially, Mbaise indigenes titled ”Ise Ise, i come from Mbaise” stated that the song was an inspiration built out of hunger to promote Mbaise nation.

He emphasized that when one feels Mbaise as a nation has whatever it takes in all human capacity, people don’t usually pay attention to things like that.

He however frowned at the speculation that has gone viral for many years that if a snake and Mbaise man enters your house, you will firstly kill the Mbaise man before killing the snake which he noted is out of ignorance, wickedness and greed just to paint Mbaise nation black on the face.

The Mbaise born artiste stated that the speculation is what Mbaise nation should really work on to change the narrative adding that, the speculation was what actually, motivated him for the music.

He reminded the speculators that the nation God blessed in all ramifications, no man can curse as the unique nature of Mbaise cannot be erased.

On the issue of the released album, Achara man stated that the music is on the promotional level and he is still pushing pointing out.

He added that the Eastern part of Nigeria are the people that don’t actually see entertainment as a tradition but rather they see it as a culture and that is why most of the artiste are still struggling to actually get to the limelight as a lot has been put in and gradually, someday, it would become a national hit.

Speaking on how he started, the Mbaise born artiste expressed displeasure that the journey was a rough beginning but he was determined stressing, that the key for anybody starting up is determination.

Achara Man, who equally frowned that the problem with most of the youths noted that they want to “jump bell’ by starting from number 10 instead of number 1.

He however, used the opportunity to highlight what he went through in this adventure, revealing the couple of times he was turned down after inviting people to come and watch him perform in many shows among others as he posited, that the struggle was really tough but at the end of the day, every winner must have a story to tell.

Speaking further, Achara man maintained that if one is determined to be a winner, the person would start building his own story as every superstar today started very little and have the similar story of “i have been to this station before”

He equally noted, that it is not always gain in what one does in life but in the places where one loses saying that it would be a motivation to gather himself together and go get what he wants.

He advised that if one didn’t get paid in the beginning, the person should not be discouraged in anyway but be focused on where he is going as he reiterated that it is about where one wants to go and not where he started.

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