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Dike Cautions Organisers Not Affiliated to Imo FA on Illegal Competitions

..warns football agents on players transfer

The Chairman, Imo State Football Association, FA, Barr Ifeanyi Dike has cautioned football organisers in the state to desist from hosting competitions without proper authorisation, Wakawaka Sports Extra reports.

According to Dike, competitions that are been hosted in the state by organisers without affiliation to Imo FA won’t be condoned while urging them to register with the body.

He cautioned referees to desist from officiating such illegal competitions while commending the Nigeria Referees Association and State Referees Council for doing a great job in that regards.

He said: “The act of playing a competition without affiliation makes the competition illegal. Affiliation identifies and registers such competition with Imo State Football Association being the fathers of football in Imo State.

“Assuming without conceding that any casualty occurs while you are playing in that competition, Imo State FA will tell you that they do not know what you are doing.

“Assuming we are aware of what is happening, we will take the proper procedures to inform the proper authorities – police, security agencies and Nigeria Football Federation which will further transcend same to FIFA by saying that this is a well-organised affiliated competition.

“Referees who are participating in competitions that are not affiliated should be a thing of the old because we have a strong referees appointment committee of FA which includes the Vice-President of the Nigeria Referees Association and the Chairman, Referees Council in Imo State in the person of Kelechi Mejuobi and Santus Okoro.

“These two gentlemen have gone into understanding with Imo FA to make sure that they control the referees and they are on top of it. The referees should be careful towards that because of the consequences.

“People who are engaged in players clearance without doing the proper thing amounts to tarping and Poaching in football. Where such happens, if we are aware of it, that person loses every entitlement on such a player. I will advise people to do things properly.

“There is fraud in every organisation but I think fraud does not pay. Apply due process because it pays. But when you get involved in fraud, it will get to a waste.”

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