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Imo 2023: Effective sports management ‘ll reduce insecurity in Imo, says AAC Guber candidate


The governorship candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) in the 2023 Imo State governorship election, Barrister Ifeanyi Awulonu said effective sports management will reduce insecurity in the state, Wakawaka Sports Extra reports.

According to him,
Awulonu/Korie Adminstration will
engaging the youths in the state through sports will create employment and empowerment which will reduce insecurity and idleness.

On what he will do if elected, Ewulonu said that sports can be utilised as a business venture to attract tourism geared towards revenue generation to the state.

His words: “Sports is not only leisure, it’s a business on it’s own. You see where it happens in UK and well-developed. Most football teams are owned by the Arabs and foreign investors. It’s part of our engagements in Imo State that we will be talking about. Engaging the youths in Imo State is not only empowerment or employment, it’s also engaging them during their free time and recreation because when the youths are fully engaged, they have less time for evil.

“Sports is not only good for the health, but big revenue earner and not ordinary leisure. Effective sports management will also reduce insecurity in Imo State and that’s why we need to engage professional managers as it is done abroad.

“Stadiums that are built are capital and increase the IGR of the state and individuals build stadiums like the Arsenal stadium. Sports is one of the instruments we are going to use to engage the youths, give them job opportunities and generate taxes.

“The youths have high situations hormones that make them restive so they need avenue to channel these hormones and be calm but governmentl of today have completely ignored the importance of sports in our society.

“Sports is one of the instruments that the youths channel their energy to calm them down, divert their attention from crimes and keeps them busy. It’s also a tourist attraction and it’s akin to tourism. We are going to bring in professional managers and people who are into sports management and financing.”


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