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PEPT: It’ll be act of unimaginable magic to dismiss cases of petitioners on technicalities, says Eddie Oparaoji


Prof. Eddie Oparaoji, leader of Mbaise Policy Roundtable, MPR, says it will be an act of unimaginable magic for the cases of the three petitioners at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal to be dismissed on technicalities.

He said this on Global FM ahead of the final judgement of the petitions filed separately by Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Peter Obi of the Labour Party, and a political party, the Allied Peoples Movement (APM), challenging President Bola Tinubu’s victory in the disputed election.

According to him, the justices must do the right thing to ensure justice prevails adding that Bola Tinubu failed to obtain the required number of votes to be declared president.

He added that military interventions are not the solutions to the myriad of problems faicing the people but the court should ensure that they are last hope of the common man.

“Of course, the expectant citizens have continually done our part. All these things that were presented by the petitioners are very clear evidences of miscarriage of justice in favor of the selected President Bola Tinubu.

“For us at MPR, we are looking for good governance and just like Mr. Peter Obi will say an excellent outcome must be supported by an excellent process”.

“Our expectations is that justice must prevail. This country has lopsided into the abyss. The justices must do the right thing. The evidences before them are very clear. The three petitioners made very strong presentations.

“It will be an act of unimaginable magic for all three petitioners that made it to the final presentations; to have all their cases dismissed on technicalities.

“I predict that Bola Tinubu will be sacked. That is my wish. We will rejoice in the streets in the country if he is removed.

“It appears that the so-called last defense of the common man is in the court. I’m hoping and wishing the court will do their job. The military interventions will never be the solutions to waton problems.”


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