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Kachi Nwoga tasks govt to invest in school sports, build facilities


ADP Governorship candidate in the November 11 Election in Imo State and sports enthusiasts, Dr. Kachi Nwoga says deliberate efforts by the government is pivotal towards the development of school sports in the country.

Speaking with Wakawaka Sports Extra on Global FM Sports Update, Dr. Nwoga decried the decadence in school sports, owing to the dearth of developmental programmes which have been abandoned by the government.

He called for the reintroduction of State organised school sports events to harness talents and potentials that would win laurels for the country in sporting events.

Also on the recent Wimbledon Tennis finals he said: “The whole tennis world was looking forward to that match because it’s not just number one and number two, but that Novac Djokovic had shown that he could raise his game higher than we knew him to play. Meanwhile, Alcaraz was a player that has showing a certain level of completeness in the game.

“These things can happen when you have school sports development programmes. Sometimes I don’t understand why we find it difficult to do simple things.

“This school period is a time that Children are available to you. Go round to local governments, where do you see sports facilities? An entire local government doesn’t have a tennis court and same for almost every other game.”

According to him, exporting sports talents will boost the economy adding that more intervention is needed by the government as well as the private sector to support sports.

“We keep making efforts as private persons but I wish we could have an articulated school sports development program. It was the academicals that gave us the first super Nigerian team.

“We need to go back to the academicals and make them as policy. How do we bring back the community sports arenas? Today we approve schools that don’t have grounds for sports. There has to be deliberate policies towards sports. It’s something I’m passionate about. We have to be deliberate to catch them young.

“If it were here, somebody will host a mini tournament because of Alcaraz. We need to put our children into doing things away from crimes. We need to export sports talents because it’s an economy on its own. We can get out young men and women happy again and also win a lot of laurels for the country if we really invest in sports.”


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