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Imo East (Owerri zone) 2023: Attacking or kidnapping my supporters won’t stop my victory or commitment to peace-Chyma Anthony, APGA candidate


All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) candidate for Imo East Senatorial District (Owerri zone) in the February 25th National Assembly election Mr Chyma Anthony has made it abundantly clear to all, that neither physical attacks nor kidnap attempts on his supporters could stop his victory at the polls or his unwaivering commitment to peace and orderliness.

Chyma Anthony popularly known as Odiuko was reacting to a recent attack and attempted kidnap on two of his supporters who were pasting his campaign at Orji Flyover in Owerri last week.
The Rights Activist and Development expert told journalists that two of his supporters were at Orji Flyover to paste his campaign posters over the weekend when armed men in vehicle attempted to pick them up, leading to the fleeing of one of them.
According to Chyma Anthony, “the second person having bundles of his posters was unfortunate, as he was eventually picked by the gun men who not only zoomed off with the boy but took his phones, seized the bundles of the posters, and threw the poor boy out of the speeding vehicles after warning him not to paste the posters again since his Oga(Odiuko) is waxing strong and aiming at winning the Senate election against others.

The Abuja based Lawyer posited that politics must not be a do or die affair in Imo State, noting that all of those contesting against him are his brothers as such there’s no point being desperate and trying things that are funny.

“I believe in politics without bitterness, I have my strategies to win this election. Attacking or kidnapping my supporters won’t stop my God and my strategies from giving me victory come February 25.
The orgy of violence and blood letting in Imo and Nigeria are beyond our imagination. It will therefore amount to adding salt to injury if public office seekers are sponsoring armed men to go after their opponents in the name of politics.
For crying out loud, all of us contesting for the Senate of Owerri zone are brothers. We can’t afford to kill others so as to have our way to the Red chambers.
Love they say is stronger than hatred and peace better than war
I accordingly therefore beg to submit at this juncture that I remain irrevocably committed to peace and peaceful dispositions in this project, and I want those running with me to be civil and peaceful in their conducts.
If we kill or kidnap all in Owerri zone, who will enjoy the effective representation we are pledging to give in all our campaign outings.

Let the love of Jesus Christ rule and reign supreme in our hearts and conducts, my brothers and sisters.
Let the candidate with the best programs and masses appeal, and not desperate inducement win “, Chyma Anthony concluded.

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