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Pele remains icon of football, worth emulating says Oparaoji



The Chairman, Mbaise Policy Roundtable, Prof. Eddie Oparaoji, has described football legend Pele as an icon of the game that is worth emulating.

Prof. Oparaoji, in an interview with Wakawaka Sports Extra, joined football enthusiasts to mourn the Brazilian legend, who passed on yesterday.

According to the Chairman of Labour Party, United States Chapter, the three-time world cup winner has become a source of inspiration to many across every divide.

He noted that the legend has united many individuals while urging everyone to imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship in all they do.

“The passing of the football legend, Pele is something that took some of us by surprise. Pele as individual in our mind never aged. He remained an icon for football across the globe. By any measure, most other players measured against Pele when it comes to ranking, greatness of any footballer.

“The records he puts in place for soccer remains an envy of the football world. His artistry on the field, he is a very gentleman demeanour both inside and outside the field is something that is worth emulating by every sport person not just soccer but anywhere in the world. It’s really sad to see such a very noble man, very accomplished soccer player pass away.

“Regardless, dead or alive, Pele lives. Anytime the whistles blows all enmity fades away, everybody who has passion for soccer will all converge and all those hostilities will basically disappear.

On the impact of the Brazilian during the civil war in the country when fighting stopped for 48 hours.

“That’s the same thing with the presence of Pele. For that moment every one of us all go to our various information channels to again listen or hear or see the greatest of soccer player that ever lived. And he will never disappoint.

“It’s something that keeps resonating today that when all fails, sports is a very strategic source of bringing enemies together and enhancing partnerships.

“Pele lives even though he is gone. We pray that everyone of us will imbibe that spirit of being a very great soccer player, very sportsmanship attitude to everything that we do because at the end of the day life goes on.”


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