Barr. Chris Green the missing link in Nigeria Football

By Wakawaka Sports Extra.

The missing link in football administration in Nigeria, Barr. Chris Green, the former NFF Technical Committee Chairman, has once again proved his mettle in the administration of football in Nigeria.

The lawyer turned football administrator in the past demonstrated his ability to deliver in any area called upon and that he did by qualifying the teams he guided under the leadership of Alhaji Maigari led NFF. He also won the Nation’s Cup with the team and also qualified the team to the world cup in Russia.

Over the years, Barr. Green led NFF Technical Committee stood out as a body in the football house that knew what they were doing and every Nigerian was meant to understand what was going on in our football especially as regards the invitation of players to the National Team.

He made it the point of duty that only the best were invited to represent the Nation at every given time. No wonder, most people in sports administration started calling him Mr. Fix it because he knows how to fix any issue that comes up withing the football house. He was pivotal to the success of Alhaji Maigari led football administration.

Today, it’s on record that just one season with Rivers United as the man in charge of Real Madrid Academy for Rivers State Government and also Rivers United.

He piloted the team, created enabling environment for the players and coaches to thrive. No wonder Rivers United had struggle over the years but had their rhythm in Nigeria Football with the acquisition of players which people abandoned regarded as spent loss for others club.

He was able to bring those players and gave them the needed motivation and today Rivers United are champions of Nigeria Football with a record four matches to go. He shows the leadership dexterity of Barr. Green.

Going forward, we expect the NFF to do the needful by bringing this man’s experience into our National Team into the administration of Football in Nigeria.

Like Rivers United has benefited in the league we saw the clear vision of running club football in Nigeria which will help us to achieve the needed goals in football development in the world. We expect that Rivers United will do better than they have done previously at the continent. Not only Africa they will also do well at the world level.

Just recently, to further solidify and complement his efforts, Barr. Green was reappointed as the Commissioner of Sports in the state. This latest appointment is a clear example of putting the ‘right peg in the right hole.’

In conclusion, Green would bring his experience of decades to bear in his latest reassignment by ensuring that he brings to bear his scholarly intellect, international network, professional and administrative experience in ensuring smooth running of the office.

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