Mbaise Policy Roundtable partners agencies, NGOs to end drug abuse, illicit trafficking

A foremost renowned organisation, Mbaise Policy Roundtable, has kicked against the incessant abuse of drugs and illicit trafficking by Nigerians.

The group made the condemnation in a statement by the chairman, Prof. Eddy Oparaoji, who frowned at the usage of illicit drugs by youths.

Prof. Oparoaji who spoke as regards the annual International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking said that the effects are devastating to the nation.

Wakawaka Sports Extra, reported that he called on relevant agencies to wade in and nip the scourge in the bud, he reiterated that the body has partnered with other agencies to end the menace.

“In commemoration of this event. It is a common knowledge that illicit drugs abuse is prevalent among youths. This unhealthy retrogressive habit is not unique to Mbaise or Imo State, it carries devastating consequences for the individual, their families and our communities.

“A recent survey by the National Bureau of Statistics and the centre for the information on substance abuse with technical support from the United Nations office on drugs and crime revealed a considerable level of use of psycho active drugs in nearly 15% of our population in Nigeria.

“It showed that the highest level of drugs use was recorded among people aged between 25 and 39 with cannabis followed by Opium as the world’s widely used drugs.

“There are also social economic impact associated with this scourge while we may not have the mortality and mobility statistics associated with drug abuse in Mbaise or Imo State. The economic burden of addiction is estimated to be greater than 400billion dollars every year.

“Our efforts to promote development and fight drugs and crime will be more effective if they are rooted in partnership with the young, civil society, government and international community working together to alleviate the millions of sufferings and break the bond of crime on country’s community and families.

“Here at MPR we have been doing our best and collaborating with agencies and NGOs to mobilise awareness campaigns and we share actionable intelligence with law enforcement for appropriate interdiction to be made in time.”

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