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Pocacov Takes Taekwondo to the School.

The Enugu state chairman of the Taekwondo Association CSP Ebere Amaraizu has revealed that the ongoing Pocacov passion Talk program  for school pupils and children will also be made a veritable instrument in the Pocacov Taekwondo kiddies program which has assumed a high dimension in Enugu state and its environs .Amaraizu who disclosed this in Enugu on 22/5/2021 to the newsmen  maintained that  the instrumentality and tenets of Taekwondo  as worked out by the Pocacov resource centre ,will be a boost to the Pocacov passion Talk  and which will not only repositioning the mindset of  our young minds but impact on the society positively .According to him ,the passion Talk will help to elicit their passion in what they want to do in future and make them to focus and work towards building and actualizing it thus becoming a champion .With Pocacov passion Talk ,you are sure of not being deceived by any of your peers because it is a program of reality with passion .It is all about identifying what you believe you can do in future and following the prescribed guidelines .It will make young minds to overcome the challenges of round peg in square hole syndrome  with huge concentrations on areas of interest or speciality which inturn impacts on the society .One of the problems confronting young minds today in our society is that they have not been faced variously with what they will like to do in future and this revolves around mentorship and that is aspect of Pocacov self discovery and strategic leadership direction program .With our reputable Taekwondo coaches and grandmasters ,we are adopting the Pocacov passion Talk  during our Taekwondo class for our young minds.The Taekwondo classes for adult and kiddies offers coping skills platform but with the addition of the Pocacov passion Talk ,it will ignite the passion in them and make them to remain focus and steadfast in what they can do for themselves in future ,it will also sharpens their understanding on skill acquisitions and their class work looking at what they want to do in future .Taekwondo game is life and not all about fighting fighting but it is a game that is built of the following tenets like    indomitable spirit ,Discipline ,survival/coping skills ,modesty ,integrity ,perseverance ,Tolerance  then self defence which is also important for the boy and girl child .With the pace the Pocacov Taekwondo adult and kiddies classes  are going ,it is our strong believe that sooner we shall be having future and committed taekwondo champions  and in other areas of their endeavours .Pocacov is a community driven program of the Nigeria police force aimed at saving Nigerian children and youths from the claws of cultism and other vices and is in strong partnership with the Enugu state Taekwondo Association and using the instrumentality of Taekwondo .


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