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Kingsley Udoh Tasks Finidi George to Invite Local Based Players



Former Heartland FC and Nigeria International, Kingsley Udoh has called on Finidi George to invite the local based players to boost their confidence, Silvernews.com.ng reports.

Udoh, who explained that if NPFL players are invited regularly to the Super Eagles, it will encourage them to work harder added that there is enormous task for him to perform.

He decried that the NPFL has not witnessed any growth due to the administration of the club’s by government rather than private bodies.

“From the mistake of his past boss, he could patch some loopholes his boss was having. I am expecting nothing than him doing well because in Nigeria, the second position is always a failure. You just need to fight for the top. He has the experience and with the calibre of people he invited to be his assistants, I think something good and better can come out.

“He should look into the local based players to build their confidence. In every invitation there should be like three or four players. Been the former coach of Enyimba, he knows how the league is been run and he can figure out one or two players that have been doing well. This will boost them to work harder because they believe he is going to put an eye on the local based players.

“There is time for improvement but we have not been seeing the improvement. I can say that the league is drowning by the day. During our playing days in the league, it was a little bit better.

“Those days you can see two or three clubs playing in the CAF Champions League. You can see players been invited to the Super Eagles but now everything has changed because of the system of the league.

“Been governmental is the problem of the league in our country. If private bodies can step in and sponsor the league, it will be a different kind of face.

“Look at the South African, Egyptian and Tunisian leagues, you will see that it is not been governed by the government. It is been run by private bodies. The team owners should be private not depending on the government to run the league.”


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