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NANPF Refute PFAN Allegations Against Austin Popo



The National Association of Nigeria Professional Footballers, NANPF, has refuted the allegations against the Executive Secretary of the Union, Austin Popo, Silvernews.com.ng reports.

According to the Union, “the ongoing defamation of character and war of acrimony against the person of Popo by some ex-footballers under the platform of PFAN can best be described as a deadly reaction for backing the new initiative of the current Nigeria Professional Footballers to take charge of the governance board of the Players Union in Nigeria.

“The allegation of the six million naira theft against the secretary is totally baseless and thrive on falsehood.

“Popo has honoured the invitation from the police based on the petition written through the law firm of Victor Baribote acting on behalf of PFAN as Popo is in his hotel room in Abuja.”


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