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FA Cup: Again, Fr. Eburuaja FC Qualifies For Round 64, As Owner Solicit Support


High-flying Fr. Eburuaja FC has once again qualified for the Round of 64 of the National Federation Cup after beating Flight FC of Benue State 2-1 in the 2024 National FA Cup playoff, Silvernews.com.ng reports.

The team which was formed by Fr. Emmanuel Eburuaja in 2018, was birthed to assist youths in Orlu zone to shun crime and societal vices that has bedeviled the area.

In an exclusive interview with Silvernews.com.ng, Fr. Eburuaja was excited that his lads qualified for the Round of 64 of the FA cup for the second consecutive season to prove that they are worthy champions of the Imo State FA Cup.

He reiterated that his desire was to reach out to these boys through sports evangelism and provide a platform for them to thrive in the game of football.

“This FA Cup was a do or die affair. Before coming, I made up my mind that we are going to win. This match for me is finals and that we won it, we are going there.

“I call it evangelization through sports. When you look at these boys, they are over 70 of them. I am coming from Orlu and let’s assume that these boys are not positively impacted, either they are ESN or Ebubeagu or somewhere but thank God they are here being distracted positively. Nothing like going into societal vices.

“I sponsored the club alone. I don’t have any sponsor. I opened a club account, nobody is helping me. Even last year that we went to the Round of 32, I did it alone. It wasn’t easy. You know how the Orlu zone has been all these years and it was very difficult to bring these boys together because most of them, their minds have been basterdized. I went around and made the campaign. I told them that instead of doing these things, why not come let us form a football team and let’s be playing football and that God can bless you through it.

“So many of them bought into my idea. When all these things, they began to come together. Many were afraid because there was no place for them to stay. I was there always with them at the training and encouraging them. When we started it wasn’t easy but I thank God that they understood and they came and join and today we are moving on but it wasn’t easy.

“To be honest with you, I saw the game as the final of the State FA because the FA cup final that happened in Owerri, I don’t want to talk much about that but everybody knew who were at the stadium knew who actually won that FA cup. We went to Enugu with all our arsenals and with all seriousness. We went to prove to Imo State that we are the champions having qualified for the FA cup two consecutive times and coming for that playoff, it was a serious match for us.

“I was the happiest man that we proved that we are one of the best in the state. Flight FA are a very good side but my boys were superior to them because we lost many chances and yet we were able to keep the flag flying. I am so happy and the boys are happy too. They have now seen that coming out from the streets and playing football, that something good can come out of it.”


According to him, the formation of the club has offered hope and believe to the players, who are passionate to make a living from the game of football.

He went further to solicit the support of the Imo State governor and well-meaning individuals to come to his aid adding that he has been the sole sponsor of the team.

“Since 2018 I started this club, I am been trying to motivate and help our youths, I have not gotten any substantial support – the government none, individuals one or two times. I don’t have a sponsor. I sponsor this club solely alone and it is not easy for me.

“I hired a bus from Orlu to Enugu at 90,000 and we went with two buses and a car to convey the officials. If the government can help me and provide a bus or any individual can help us with a bus, or serious financial support, we will go higher.

“My boys are not violent, they can never disturb in the pitch. Their morality and discipline count a lot. My aim is to see that these boys can play professionally outside Nigeria but there is no finance to sponsor these boys out. If anybody can come in to partner us, I will wholeheartedly welcome the person.

“Let us help these boys. Over 70 boys in my club looking for help. They left societal vices and crimes and they said that they want to use the talent given to them but unfortunately, many people have not bought into this idea.

“I am calling on the government and people close to the Imo State governor, let them tell him. This club is in Orlu zone. These boys are doing well. Let them help us, let us help these boys. I think posterity will stand to bless whomever that will bless these boys.”


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