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Why Bayern Global Consultants Are Organising Scouting Programme in Port Harcourt – CEO Reveals


The Chief Executive Officer of Bayern Global Consultants, James Adebayo has revealed the reasons behind their scouting programme for young talents in Port Harcourt, Silvernews.com.ng reports.

The renowned Sports Management Company is currently holding its scouting event to discover emerging talents in football.

Speaking exclusively to Silvernews.com.ng, the CEO said the Sports Management Company is ready to scout, prepare and assemble the youngsters for summer transfers to Europe.

On the ouster of the Flying Eagles at the African Games in Ghana, he called on the Nigeria Football Federation to do more of performance analysis and introduce a league to prepare the kids early.

“The reason why we came down here is that we heard a lot about Port Harcourt and their young talents. The main goal is for us to spot the top talents and market them to the European markets.

“What we do is that we scout them, assemble them, and prepare them for summer transfer. That is the reason we are coming down to scout. We have a base already in Lagos and we have everything in Lagos to prepare them for the challenge ahead.

“The teams that are playing at the moment, you will notice that we have young talents among them. Those are the people we are focusing on. We are focusing on talents that are young. They have the potential to play at the topmost part of their career.

“To be honest with you, we all know that the U-20 is more like the heart of our football because once you get it right at that age, you will see our players playing in the topmost part of football.

“But once we didn’t get it right at that point, that’s where the issue comes in. My advice to those in charge is for them to do more of performance analysis on scouting. We can have a reserve league that can prepare all these kids in order for them to be identified easily instead of proposing players to the coaches.

“I believe it’s the job of the technical crew. That’s why in teams, we have coaches, scouts, performance analysis and different kind of people that are working in order to make a better team. If things are not in place, we always have issues in selecting players.”


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