Home Sports “Curses Are Laid on Heartland Over Debts” – Former Player Cries Out

“Curses Are Laid on Heartland Over Debts” – Former Player Cries Out




A former player of Heartland Football Club of Owerri, Chinedu Ohanachu has lamented bitterly that curses have been laid on the club due to debts owed to its former players, Silvernews.com.ng reports.

Speaking on the precarious situation of the club in the ongoing 2023/2024 NPFL season, Ohanachu urged the management to clear the debts of its former players, which he described as the bane of the club.

He went further to admonish them to clear the backlog of salaries owed to its former players with all level of sincerity adding that the current crop of players are capable of lifting the club beyond the mulky waters of relegation if the debts are cleared.

“Unfortunately, I cannot speak for a player but when I was there they were owing me money but paid for three months and I had the right to terminate my contract.

“So, when they paid the three months and the remaining three months I don’t know. All throughout that season, I don’t think they gave any money during their stay. What I know that is Heartland is a club that are owing so many debts which is too bad for the club.

“I was owed about three months salary then when the new government came on board. Even when they paid half. We came to the government house for the money, they selected few people to give the money while we came back to our various clubs which the former GM of the club called us for the money. When we went to the Ministry of Sports, they said we were not among. We were about 10 to 12 players.

“A lot of curses have been laid on Heartland FC. I remember during my second coming, a player came and was swearing for the club that they were owing him money. A lot of curses have been laid on that club that they are owing them money including me. It is my state. I am from Owerri.

“Look at the former G.M, Chief Ignatius Ekenna Okeahialam, there was money then, although it was not perfect and people were enjoying. Currently, Heartland is still going backward instead of moving forward.

“Any debts they are owing, let them pay it with true sincerity and see the club forging ahead. They have good players but it is because of those debts. Look at Nasarawa United are paying their debts. If Heartland pay their debts, you will see the club moving forward.”


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