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My Ex-Wife Blackmailed Me, Blocked Me From My Son Calvin Bassey Chinedu Ughelumba – Father Cries Out


Nigerian Father from Ihiala in Igbo region of Nigeria hopes to make amends with his son, Calvin Chinedu Ughelumba, who is a defender for both Fulham and the Nigerian national team, IgbereTV has learned.

As a father, witnessing your son’s success brings immense joy, but it is also disheartening not to be able to enjoy and celebrate alongside him.

Kingsley Ikenna Ughelumba, the father of Calvin Chinedu Ughelumba (also known as Calvin Bassey), is currently facing this predicament. Many might wonder why Nigeria’s top left-footed defender doesn’t share the same last name as his father. A gathering information from an interview Kingsley gave to a Glasgow Rangers media outlet in 2020 when his son signed with the club, Igbo History has discovered the truth.

Kingsley revealed that there was a rift between him and Calvin’s mother. Out of malicious intent, she denied him access to all four of his sons. Despite his best efforts to reconcile, including taking the matter to court in London, she continued to bar him from seeing his children.

This unfortunate situation unfolded back in 2008 when a judge advised them to resolve their differences as a family. However, his wife persisted in denying him access to his children, resulting in his absence from their lives.

Kingsley shared with Totori news that he was blessed with four sons, with Calvin being his second. The last time he saw Calvin was in 2016 when he visited him in Italy, and they took a photograph together, creating a lovely atmosphere of reunion. During that time, he had access to his children. However, along the way, their mother poisoned their hearts, leading them to harbour resentment towards him. She even went as far as changing their phone numbers so he couldn’t reach out to them as he had before.

In February 2020, Kingsley traveled from Italy to England and went directly to the Leicester City training ground to visit Calvin. He introduced himself to the officials as Calvin’s father and presented all the necessary documents to prove his paternity. After verifying his identity, the officials welcomed him warmly and questioned how Calvin would be sure that Kingsley was indeed his father. He asked them to use a specific nickname that he used to call Calvin when he was young. When they relayed the name to Calvin, he confirmed that only his father called him by that name. Realizing that his father was there to see him, Calvin expressed his wishes for Kingsley to visit his home the following day.

However, upon communicating with his mother about Kingsley’s presence, Calvin’s mood changed, and he informed Kingsley that he was going out, requesting him to come back another time. Since then, Calvin has not allowed his father into his house.

Kingsley Ikenna Ughelumba, father of Calvin Bassy, remains hopeful that one day he will reconcile with his sons. He believes that he has done nothing to warrant the treatment he is receiving from his ex-wife and his children, as he maintained his love and care for them throughout.


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