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Restoration of Power Supply in Mbaise


…. Prof Nwoha commends Barr Nwaekpe for the bold step.

The Leader, Greater Mbaise Forum, Prof Polycarp Nwoha, has commended one of the illustrious sons of Mbaise, Barr Malachy Nwaekpe, for his move to restore electricity supply to the people of Mbaise; which has been denied them for a long time.

Prof. Nwoha gave the commendation on Saturday, 20th January, when he was a guest at Mbaise Business and Personality Update on global 101.9 FM with the CEO, Mr Kennedy Onwunali, who said the programme every Saturday Morning by 7am is designed to bring Mbaise to the world. The duo discussed the issue of electricity in Mbaise and the way forward. According to Mr Onwunali, Mbaise Business and Personality Update (MBPU) is a programme of the Silver Communication on Global FM.
On the issue of power supply, the (GMF) leader, expressed displeasure that Mbaise has been neglected for quite a long time now and that is why nothing is moving in Mbaise, emphasizing that for development to take place, there should be good roads, and good electricity supply. He regretted that roads for Mbaise are a no-go area because gullies have taken over potholes on the roads. It was painful, he observed, that even electricity that the people pay for is not easily available.
Professor Nwoha maintained that Barr Nwaekpe who personally, in his own capacity, undertook to petition the House of Reps Petition Committee against TCN and EDDC for denying Mbaise electricity supply for so long disclosed that the petition was sent last year and fortunately, the hearing came up on the I8th of January, 2024 emphasizing, that this is the time to take the bull by the horn.
The leader who is a professor of Anatomy, Neuroscience & Rehabilitation reiterated that Barr Nwaekpe and other great sons and daughters from Greater Mbaise Forum and similar groups stood strongly for the Mbaise nation, and fortunately, the House of Reps Committee on Public Petitions felt sympathetic for the long suffering of the Mbaise people.


Both the EEDC and TCN, who were present at the hearing, had nothing against the Petition, and instead assured everyone present including the House of Reps Committee that there would be changes in electricity supply in Mbaise, that most transformers would be upgraded from 300KVA to 500KVA, the abandoned transmission stations would be completed. He described the development as a huge success. Still speaking, he posited that the barrister, who is neither a politician nor benefitting anything from the corridors of power, took it upon himself to draw attention to the abject neglect of his people by writing the Petition. He assured all that something would soon be done about it; that all neglected stations would be visited and restored to full capacity. He charged the people to monitor what TCN and EEDC would be doing in their own area to ensure that no substandard job is done with regards to transformer installation and rehabilitation
The guest speaker, further admonished Mbaise people to use this rare opportunity God has provided to upgrade their electricity supply so that the people can actually queue into the “Aku ruo ulo” movement, emphasising that people should be up and doing. He once again, lauded the effort of Barrister Nwaekpe for the bold step, as well as other Mbaise indigenes who have come out to assist in this venture, as they will go back to the Committee on February 6th 2024 for an update hearing.
One of the callers on the programme, Mr Val Elugwuanya who called from Eziama Oparanadim in Ahaiazu local government area, described the exercise as a welcome development, a step in the right direction, urging the leaders not to relent but to continue on their good works.

The Prof, who frowned at what Mbaise sons and daughters go through because of lack of electricity, called on all and sundry to queue into this laudable effort that would put smiles on the faces of Mbaise nation, as he calls for its sustenance. Prof. Nwoha informed that an Electricity Monitoring Committee will be formed by the Greater Mbaise Forum and urged every Autonomous Community in Mbaise to send a representative.



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