Home Sports KATAs Seminar from 28th of August- 1st September 2023.

KATAs Seminar from 28th of August- 1st September 2023.


This was an epic event, the first of it’s kind in Nigeria, where three Judo bodies formed a synergy to run a KATAs seminar, namely; Mr Nnanyereugo Madugba, South East zonal representative in Nigeria Judo Federation board, and Founder of NUMZY JUDO CLUB, collaborated with Nigeria Police Judo Association, while Edokpolor Judo Academy were the Facilitors of the KATAs seminar.

Indeed, it was remarkable. We saw a mastery display of Judo techniques and best form of Judo self defense.

NAGE -NO-KATA, also known as Randori KATAs is the first stage of the KATAs, which has five stages, with three techniques in each stage. This was the basis of the seminar that ran for five days.

Members of Nigeria Police Judokas and other Judokas from other states were part of the seminar as more than twenty Judokas took part in the seminar.

At the end of the seminar, awards were presented to some senior police officers who have contributed to the development of Nigeria Police Judo Association and certificates were issued to participants.

Numzy Judo promised to make it an annual event, and also collaborate with Nigeria Judo Federation to make it a National event.


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