Udu/Ihe Agugu Age Grade ceremony hold in grand style,As Eze D,O Njoku of Nguru Nwankwo confers Chieftency title on AVM Uche Nwagwu

It was a double celebration as Air Vice Marshal, AVM, Uche Nwagwu is confered with a chieftiancy title by His Royal Highness Eze D.O Njoku, Ekwueme 11 of Nguru Nwenkwo Autonomous Community in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State and his Nabata Udu/Ihe Agugu ceremony.

The Members of Akuchinyere Age Grade confirmed his readiness to perform the ceremony which makes him a full-fledged man by partaking in the Iheberi ceremony in Eziala Ogwu, which is the final cultural ritual for every adult male of the community. To this end, every man born in the community is confirmed man enough to speak with pride in the public.

The programme which came up at the beginning of the year brought members of the age-grade and their wives together to celebrate AVM Nwagwu on his chieftiancy coronation as High Chief Ikesinachi 1 of Nguru Nwankwo Autonomous Community which is the first by his hometown. reports that AVM Nwagwu is the first Army General from Nguru Nwenkwo Ogwu and Eziala Ogwu Nguru. He has touched the life’s of everyone in the community.

The Air Force General with a touch of human kindness has become the face of hope in the community with his effort to restore peace in the community that has been separated for years with acrimony.

He stepped in and brought the two parts together that has witnessed the return of peace in the community and the development that has followed subsequently.

The double ceremonies coming close to each other made it unique as members who where at home for the festive celebration where all part of the celebration.

The AVM who joined his mates to celebrate via social media due to national assignment thanked his age-grade members who troupe out to celebrate with him in both occasions, promised to celebrate with them during the Iheabere ceremony later in the year.

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