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Soccer fans fiesta 3: Chelsea dethrone Arsenal to emerge champions

Soccer fans fiesta 3: Chelsea dethrone Arsenal to emerge champions

Soccer fans fiesta ends in grand style as Chelsea fans dethrone Arsenal to emerge champions of the season three edition, the Statesman sports desk reports.

The event which too place at Gloran hotels Owerri saw a massive turnout of soccer fans gathered together in a bid to outdo each other for the grand price.

Majority of the big clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona and other clubs were largely represented as the fans squared up in a heated competition to see who will be crowned soccer fiesta champion.

Chelsea won the swimming competition for female category while the male category was canceled due to some controversy.
Arsenal won the question and answer while Liverpool won the ball in basket competition.
Chelsea also came out tops in the parade as well as the pop corn games.

At the end of the cumulative points compiled by the judges, Chelsea came out tops with a clear lead.

The event turned out a huge success with other fun activities as Shama Melody thrilled the fans with sweet melody.

The fans also witnessed Stand up comedy, miming by various artists, drama performances, dance performances and so on.

Participants received free gifts courtesy of Darku soap while the cheif host Cosmos Chukwuemeka thrilled the fans with his usual entertaining slogans.

In his remark, Cosmos Chukwuemeka thanked his organizing committee for working tirelessly in order to put the event together, he also thanked the sponsors for coming through and he also thanked the fans for being a part of the event.

He concluded by saying that this year’s uncensored edition has been a huge success but the next edition promises to be even greater.

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