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Pocacov minifootball 6 Aside Neighbourhood league ,A platform for Stakeholders and multi Agency connectivity,Enhancement and collaborations for problem solving -National coordinator Pocacov


Minifootball is all about  a small sided football played  by millions of players around the world.It is open for Amateur Players and it focuses on Player Development ,Team Building ,Fair Play and Inter Relations between one and another  and millions of players.According to POCACOV National Coordinator CSP Ebere Amaraizu ,the choice for the use of instrumentality of Minifootball in its campaign and sensitizations bid is anchored on the fact of the benefit of the minifootball as a progressively growing sport that brings people together and equally give them that sense of belonging especially the teeming Youth Populace.Amaraizu further explained that the instrumentality and the use of Minifootball in the execution of the POCACOV IN MY COMMUNITY /POCACOV IN MY FAMILY is to enhance stakeholders and multi Agencies cooperation,collaborations for partnership,Participations and leading to problem solving in line with the direction of the Nigeria police force under the leadership of IGP USMAN ALKALI BABA with the strong vision to take  the lead in strenghtening interAgency collaboration as a strategic  pathway towards  the attainment of Nigeria police force internal security mandate amongst others .Remember Minifootball is an Amateur Sport  for everyone regardless of Age,Sex,Vitality and social status amongst others and equally a veritable product to propagate social inclusion,Integration and popular participations and also will be used to strenghten Stakeholders/ Multi Agencies Relationship with the Police as well as Supremacy and Rivalry just as the  game  offers positive platforms for the socially disadvantaged.We use this kind of community driven sports program as part of POCACOV ongoing  Activity base,Forum Base and Committee Relations committee to deepen the community base crime prevention measures taking into account what POCACOV represents with her NON KINETIC APPROACHES and  as Nigeria Police Force community policing initiatives working different stakeholders and galvanizing their support towards problem .solving leading to peaceful,safe and secured communities as Minifootball is also a tool for crime prevention.
Ahead of its maiden community driven  activity tagged 042 6 Aside Neighbourhood  Mini football  Tournament (BOOLU OGBE) to be organized by POCACOV in Partnership  with the Nigeria  Minifootball Association and other relevant stakeholders and Multi Agencies taken place in Enugu from 1st February,2022 in designated centres around 042 Neighbourhood,a one day seminar and sensitizations has been slated to equip stakeholders and Multi Agencies amongst others with the basic information on the rules and regulations of this internationally Sporting events being played in almost 100 countries on five continents such as America,Europe,Asia,Africa,Australia .During the sensitizations program which will  take place on 8th December in Enugu,Participants will be guided on how best they can raise their teams .The communities will have their teams  and same with multi Agencies.It will also cut across the female gender.Minifootball 6 aside is mostly in our communities and Neighbourhood but this time around ,there are modifications and it is now organized and these have made it interesting and all inclusive to achieve its objectives.We need to acquaint stakeholders and multi Agencies with the basic information on the rules and regulations ,organizations,history and the objective of POCACOV MINIFOOTBALL 042 6 ASIDE NEIGHBOURHHOOD TOURNAMENT.It is all about Value Reorientation,,Self Discovery and Strategic Leadership direction.It is a community based crime prevention measures to weaken recruitment and entrance into cultism and involvement into substance and drug Abuse (MKPURUMMIRI and Others)


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