Home News  Ifeanyi Ekwueme celebrates Emeks sportswear 20 years anniversary, reveals reasons behind success

 Ifeanyi Ekwueme celebrates Emeks sportswear 20 years anniversary, reveals reasons behind success

 Ifeanyi Ekwueme celebrates Emeka sportswear 20 years anniversary, reveals reasons behind success




Former Nigeria International footballer Mr Ifeanyi Ekwueme has described his involvement in the kit industry as a mystery to him.

Mr Ekwueme who was recently appointed the football Administrator of Aboh Mbaise in Imo state said that as a player his NGO was kiting lots of people, which to him is his own way of empowerment to various youth clubs who comes demanding one favour or the other anytime he is back in the country.

The Aboh Mbaise born football administrator now added that towards the end of his football carrier, it became clear to him that he can also make a living out of his passion which has become a successful venture making it 20 years of a successful business in the Nigeria kit sports industry.

He said  “coming into the main stream of the sports wears business in Nigeria, starting with tico select which I am the brand ambassador in Africa has made Emeks Sportswear products, the choice of sports lovers across the country with Delta State government absolute behind the product as Emeks Sports wears becomes it’s official wears because of the high quality our wears are made of .”


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The celebration brought together members of his family across and friends in the country  which includes Amb Kanu Nwankwo, Aliyu Mohammed, Andy Show, ThankGod Ike, Dino Okere, Samson Chuki, Barr Ifeanyi Dike, KC Pillars, Ezege, Ugo Pepe, Cecil, Gwoje, Bonka, Hon Amado, Baba, Emeka Doc, Osita Udemba, Kelly Best, Nda Sam Lee, George Benson, Akajiaku, Agba Ego, Stanley Onuegbu, Chima Ewurum, Mr Bendict Nwachukwu Uchenna Chukwu, Ada Okigwe, Sunny Ekwueme, Ephraim ‘Veteran Journalist’, Kennedy Onwunali, Cosmos  Chukwuemeka, Samson Orji all came together to celebrate the success of twenty years of hard work which has seen a small kit venture to become a leading player in the sports industry in the country.

For Mr Ekwueme, it has not been an easy road, there has been ups and downs during this period because of lack of payment after rendering services to some organizations in the sports industry.



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