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Okerede lauds Edo govt for supporting athletes at the Tokyo2020 Olympics

Okerede lauds Edo govt for supporting athletes at the Tokyo2020 Olympics


Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medalist Flora Ogunwa Okerede has applauded the efforts of Edo state government for the support they gave to the athletes during the event in Japan, wakawaka sports extra reports.

On one of her visits to the head of sports in the office of the deputy governor of Edo state government house Benin Mr Sabina Chikere, Okerede told Wakawaka sports;

“ It was great, I give God all the glory because even with the ups and down during the game, I still thank God for everything and I thank the Edo state government especially the Amiable governor of Edo state and his Deputy.

I thank them very much for their support because if not for them I don’t think I would have done it.

They encouraged me so much.”

She further revealed the secret behind her success;
“It was the support that the Edo state government is giving to their athletes, because it motivates them a lot.
You know they say to whom much is given much is equally expected, so that is it. Their support is what is pushing us through.

My advise is just for other states to emulate what the Edo state government is doing, they can support their athletes in helping them to move forward because if you leave everything to the athletes, it will weigh them down, athletes will be thinking about how to get their supplement to support their training and every other things.


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So if their government can support them, they can pass through this huddles, they can do it like what they did for me because if not for the motivation they gave to me that made me to acquire my supplement and everything. I did not look at what is happening inside the camp you know.

So i got good food for my self even when the food we were giving is nothing to write home about, with their support I was able to get something to keep my self going.
So I advise other state to key into what Edo state government is doing.
so let them emulate them, I think it will help a lot.” She concluded.

Mrs Chikere added her voice saying “ I am thanking Edo state government for all the support, the state government gave to them which enabled them make the state proud. We are happy she did us proud, we are happy she came back and she won a gold medal for the country, we will support other athletes that are going to go for such competition next time.
We will pray and hope that we will get more athletes that represents us and we will give them the necessary support that they need to be able to be excellent in their various fields of engagement.” She concluded

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