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First Taekwondo Player in Imo State Demands More From Present Taekwondo Stars


Emmanuel Ubah, who claimed to be the first Taekwondo player in Imo State has demanded more from the crop of stars in the sport in the state, Silvernews.com.ng reports.

According to him, the then Taekwondo stars played the game with love and passion decrying that the state of the game is nothing to write home about.

He called on the leadership of the Taekwondo in Imo State to rise up and revive the sport while on government to intervene in ensuring that Taekwondo reclaims its place as a thriving sport business.


“We held it on till now. We took Taekwondo as part of life. We were existing as a community with love and influence in Imo State. I’m proud to tell you that it is a privilege to be part of the system of what is ongoing.

“Taekwondo is not violent. It is sports and the ability to defend yourself from aggression. Then it was love and expression of the inner self and crown of glory to respond to the challenges.

“But now Taekwondo has been watered down. Most of us who were the pillars of Taekwondo cannot be compared with the people of today. We are now trying to revive today’s era with what we have achieved in the past.

“The foundation was love not money or who becomes the head or the tail. In those days, we were not doing all these things for reward. We did it as love. All those love is gone.

“Government should support us. The coach is fighting to get his entitlements. All these things are gone. In those days, it was not so but now we are trying to use our mental and physical status to bring to what is required.”


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