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Amunike is Good, Qualified for Super Eagles Coaching Role, Says Retired Army General


Former captain of the Nigerian Army football team, Major General Bob Chukwu, Rtd, has called on the leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation to appoint Emmanuel Amunike as the coach of the Super Eagles, Silvernews.com.ng reports.

The retired Army General believes that Amunike is a proper grassroots coach who has carved an inche to spot talents from the grassroots level.

He tasked the NFF to eschew nepotism and tribalism and pick the Nigerian football legend describing him as a consistent, transparent, talented and a man of integrity.

“Amunike has all the qualities to make it. He is a star. He brought glory to Nigeria in 1996 with Kanu Nwankwo and the rest. If we are to go with consistency, integrity and transparency and talent, he is qualified. I pray he will make it.

“Amunike and I have one thing in common, grassroots football development. When I founded Ehime Mbano football club, a lot of clubs came first and second. Amunike was in the stadium and he highly commended me. I pray this type of man becomes a coach and go out to recruit talents wasting in the villages.

“Having watched the current national team, it needs overhauling. Some of them are due for retirement. If we are to have a future national team, somebody like Amunike should come in and go for aggressive recruitment of grassroots.

“Nepotism and tribalism has killed our football. We need to move forward. I pray those who are in charge are hearing us. Amunike is good and qualified. Let’s go for Amunike.”


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