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Shaping Public Awareness, Advocacy On Sports For Peaceful Inclusive Society




No doubt, sports has been increasingly recognized and used as a low cost and high impact tool in humanitarian, development and peace building efforts.

Many sporting events exist today in our society such as Football, Basketball, Handball, Chess, Table Tennis, Athletics, Powerlifting, Arms wrestling as well as combat sports like Boxing, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts amongst others.

Sports accommodates all categories of persons and gender. Sports is also for everybody Irrespective of ones religious inclinations, academic and social statutes with each obeying sports rules for every event.

Indeed, the importance of sports and what it can bring to the community in terms of peaceful and inclusive societies cannot be overemphasized.

The United Nations General Assembly through their adoption of 6th of April every year as the international day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) celebration is a case in point from the right direction towards shaping public awareness and advocacy with relevant policies that will help to promote the cause of sports in our society especially in our communities to aid in realization of peaceful and inclusive society.

The theme for the 2024 International Day for Sports, Development And Peace slated to take place on 6th April “Sport for the promotion of Peaceful And Inclusive Societies” is a profound confirmation of the positive influence of sports in our society.

According to the UN Deputy Secretary General, Amina J Mohammed in her submissions, “Sport has the power to align our passion, energy and enthusiasm around a collective cause. And that is precisely when hope can be nurtured and trust can be regained. It is our collective interest to harness the tremendous power of sports to help build a better and more sustainable future for all.”

Indeed, by the foregoing, it is evidently clear that the United Nations has long recognized the power and the universality of sports for developmental efforts. Quick to be recalled about the importance of sports are the three noticeable dimensions viz: Anthropologico-Metaphysico Reality which dwells on sports as unitive ( Unifying)element – Body, mind and spirit.

One truly and fully one in oneself, united in body, mind and spirit and in one collective aspiration and expectation then the socio economic dimension which focuses on lubrication of solidarity, the economic proceeds of sports in terms of SDGS goal ( 8) good jobs and economic growth coming from sports and lastly, Juridico-politico dimensions of sports as an event played by rules and administered. An activity promoting adherence to rule of law, obedience, social justice amongst others.

As we reflect on the goal of 2024 international day of sport for development and peace with its theme, there is that need for conscious, sincere and deliberate efforts by Non Governmental Bodies, government at all levels on a well structured and implementable sports policy that will encourage development of high performance community sports centres in our communities and local Government Area Councils.

Stakeholders, faith based organizations, Traditional institutions, academia, ministries, department and agencies are also to assist with their own high performance community sports centres to aid in the realization of rapid development of sports / Achievement of positive changes as well as promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies using the instrumentality of sports.

Sports also is a veritable tool for crime prevention. The olympic values of sports calls for excellence, respect and friendship while core values of sports focuses on self discovery, promotion of culture, promotion of gender equalities, promotion of ideals of democracy, harmony and national integration, promotion of ideals of social mobilization, means of enhancing social justice and creation of employment opportunities amongst others .


The time to join in this all important campaign on shaping Public Awareness and Advocacy is now because time according to Francis Bacon, is the greatest innovator.

The writer, Ebere Amaraizu is a sports coach, pillar of sports Enugu State, Olympic Solidarity Sports Administrator and manager and the Chairman, Enugu State Taekwondo Association/ Former board member and Director Nationwide leagueone ( NLO) in charge South East and Alumnus of US Government International Visitors Leadership Program ( IVLP).


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