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African Universities Funds Partner MPR, Offers Scholarship to Mbaise Youths on Tech Education


The African Universities Funds, AUF, has partnered Mbaise Policy Roundtable, MPR, to educate youths of Mbaise on technology and innovation,3 Silvernews.com.ng reports.

According to Chijike Ndukwu, Secretary General of AUF during an interview with Mbaise Business and Personality Update, a brand of Silvernews communication’s on Global FM Mbaise said the scholarship, which is worth over 400,000, is geared towards ensuring that youths embrace the tech revolution.

He noted that such gesture by the AUF in partnership with MPR will create remote job opportunities for youths of Mbaise.

“I am the Secretary General of African Universities Funds. We are based in New York city in the U.S. The main purpose is to provide opportunities to young people in Africa to get involved in the tech revolution that will rule the world.

“Our role is to make sure our young people catch up early with these technologies so that we can be innovators and not consumers. We established an office in Port Harcourt last year and shortly after that, we had contact from Google trying to partner with us to extend this to West Africa.

“The scholarship is actually meant for the whole of West Africa. As an Mbaise man, I had to count Mbaise first and Mbaise Policy Roundtable where I also serve as the Policy Officer is the major vehicle that was available to reach Mbaise people. That’s how we have the partnership between African Universities Funds and MPR.

“It’s worth up to 400,000 and when you look at the tech revolution right now, look at cyber security, data analytics, project management, I.T support, E-commerce and online marketing. These are areas that could give young people or anybody an opportunity to work online or remote.

“That means you could be in Nigeria and work for a company overseas. This area gives opportunities to young people instead of trying to go to Lagos or Kano, someone can stay in Mbaise and work for a company overseas and make dollars. That is the sense we are trying to create.”


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