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Officiating By Nigerian Referees Beyond National Embarrassment But Total Shamelessnes – Kano Pillars Management


The Kano Pillars Management Board has described the level of officiating by Nigerian Referees as beyond national embarrassment, Silvernews.com.ng reports.

Comrade Sani Ibrahim, Secretary to the Board stated this after Kano Pillars were held to a 1-1 draw by Rivers United in a match day 24 NPFL encounter.

He said: “In July 1986, when the late revolutionary musician and political activist Fela Anikulapokuti was arrested and charged to court by the Nigerian government, he instantly made a public statement claiming that his case has passed brief Case it has now become a luggage.

“So as per the wider views and opinions, the issue of Nigerian refrees officiating for the Nigerian Professional football league competitions has passed the stages of State and National embarrassment with total shamelessness and lack of consciousness.

“The Nigerian refrees Association which has presumably been dented with a scar of suspected corrupt practice has been widely condemned by the Africans/Global communities of football.

“The Association was also suspected to be surrounded by some people who do not seem to be aware of the danger and implications of their actions particularly at the environment that is filled up with crazy enthusiastic football supporters.

“Many professional football league clubs in Nigeria were made to pay fines in millions, punished or banned from playing in their home ground for the breach of laws and guiding regulations of the game which all were assumingly caused by the act of open injustice suspected to be exhibited by the officiating officials.

“Justice and the act of open injustice are very apparent and too glaring, that the NPFL must take drastic steps and actions before the club owners who are bitterly complaining decide.

“The equalized goal against Kano pillars by the Rivers United on 9th – 3 – 2024 is the worst ever form of open injustice to discuss about. It has never happened even in the dark ages of soccer, the video clips speak by itself.”


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