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Alaigbo Development Foundation Youth League Charts Way Forward For Development of Igbo Nation


A group, Alaigbo Development Foundation, ADF, Youth League held a two-day summit in Enugu for the advancement and development of the Igbo nation.

The group issued a communique at the end of the summit, jointly signed by Emeritus Prof. T, Uzodinma Nwala, ADF President, Barr. Ukpai Ukairo, ADF Legal Adviser, Comrade Emmanuel Agbowo, Chairman ADF-YL and Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Secretary, ADF-YL.

The communique reads: “The Alaigbo Development Foundation Youth League (ADF-YL) was set up as a Vanguard to drive the ADF Agenda for the “Rebuilding and Development of Igbo Nation and the Rebirth and Advancement of the Spirit of her Culture and Civilization”

“To this end, ADF-YL comes into existence to help mobilize the Igbo Youth and provide them the needed orientation to imbibe, promote and advance the core values of Igbo Culture and Worldview that differentiate Ndigbo both in Nigeria and within the comity of Nations. In addition, the youths of Alaigbo must take full responsibility of preserving and protecting their ancestral land.

“The Two-Day Summit was, therefore, organized to equip the leadership of the
ADF-YL with the needed social and philosophical understanding of the mission and Agenda of ADF to enable them to successfully carry out the leadership task expected of them in promoting the ADF Agenda.

“The President of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), Emeritus Prof T.
Uzodinma Nwala presented the Keynote Address captioned ADF in History.

“He spoke extensively on the history and achievements of the ADF in the last ten years, The ADF President took the audience through memory lane on the historical emergence of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), examining its historical prototypes, paying tribute to her founding fathers, stressing the landmarks in ADF history, her major achievements and finally noted that the founding fathers had sacrificed a lot to create a Brand Instrument – an Organization to advance the Struggle for the emancipation of the Igbo nation and placing her as a major player in the Global System.

“The next Speaker in the order of presentation was Rev Prof, Philip Ogbonna, the Deputy Vice-Chancelor of Imo State University and a key facilitator in the life and development of the ADF. The Theme of his presentation was The
Alaigbo Development Foundation Youth League (ADF-YL) as the Vanguard of
the Igbo Struggle.

“Here, the erudite Professor emphasized the deep spiritual and philosophical foundations of the Igbo struggle in history. He drew parallel with other historical examples to demonstrate the critical nature of the role of the Youth as the vanguard of any great historical struggle such as the one the Igbo nation faces both in Nigeria and in the contemporary world.

“In his presentation on the Constitution and Organogram of the ADF, Barr Ukpai Ukairo, the Legal Adviser of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), x-rayed the Constitution of the ADF, its Organogram and explained the major Organs of the ADF.

“He emphasized on the central role of the Constitution in the life of any historical serious organization. He also pointed out that the present Constitution of the ADF was ratified at the Congress held in Umuchu, Anambra State in 2019.

“In his presentation on the Security Challenges in Alaigbo, General Chris Eze, one of the most outstanding retired officers in the Nigerian Military History x-rayed the role of the military in the Security of any nation, examined the peculiar challenges of the Nigerian Military, showing why in spite of everything the Nigeria State still faces undaunting Security challenges.

“According to Gen Chris Eze, there is a highly centralized Security Architecture in Nigeria that demands constitutional measures to change. Meanwhile, Ndigbo should borrow from what is happening in other zones with
respect to local efforts to complement the existing federal Security structure within our zone.

“The General called on Ndigbo to continue to support ADF and other organizations in their efforts to raise the consciousness of our youth
regarding self-preservation and the roles they have to play in ensuring it. What is more. the General emphasized, Ndigbo should continue to insist through all legitimate avenues on our rights as equal citizens of Nigeria.

“That means that whatever rights and privileges that are granted to the people of other geo-political zones in their efforts to ensure their security must be granted to Ndigbo. They include the right to bear the same caliber of arms that others are allowed to bear for the same purpose including Self-defense.

“General Eze further maintained that in social engineering the only alternative to armed struggle is political engagement. That engagement. He enjoined the ADF Youth League must start from Alaigbo itself and it must focus on advancing true democracy.

“The Chairman of the Sout-East Council of Traditional Rulers, HRM Igwe Amb.
Lawrence Agubuzu presented a paper on International Diplomacy as a Tool for Global Survival. In his very exciting presentation, His Majesty drew a distinction between a Nation and a State noting that while a State is a
Country recognized under international law, a Nation is not.

“In this context, he explained the circumstances under which we can appropriately speak of the IGBO NATION. According to him, the critical question facing the ADF Youth League is how to prepare themselves in character and learning in order to fit into international diplomacy as a tool for the global survival of the Igbo Nation.

“He stressed that Diplomacy is the art, science and the means by which nations, groups or individuals conduct their affairs, in ways to safeguard their interests and promote their political, economic, cultural and scientific relations,while maintaining peaceful relations.

“The Chaiman of the South-East Traditional Rulers Council admonished the leadership of the ADF Youth League to help to make sure that Igbo Youths do not venture abroad without adequate preparations in character and learning, to be diplomatic, friendly and courteous in their interactions with their host communities, helping and supporting them in order to win their friendship.

“In this way Umuigbo can apply constructive diplomacy for their individual as well as the survival of the Igbo nations in the Global System.

“Finally, His Majesty admonished members of the ADF Youth League to use their privileged position as members of ADF-YL to be in the Vanguard of educating the Igbo Youths to stop the current excessive use of internet technology platforms to boast about who we are, what we can do or to abuse people.

“Such actions, the Ambassador maintained, are against the principles of
international diplomacy. They can hinder the survival of Ndigbo both globally and in a Federation like Nigeria where competition and conflict are constant.

“The President of ADF, Emeritus Prof T. Uzodinma Nwala, presented the ADF
Green Book, widely acclaimed as the seminal work by Igbo intellectuals and Stakeholders on the future of Alaigbo as either an Autonomous Region within a Federal Union of Autonomous Regions of Nigeria or as an Independent Republic of Alaigbo.

“He also introduced key historical publications and documents of ADF including the ADF Mission Statement, Social and Economic Agenda for Alaigbo (a manual on Creating Alaigbo as the Economic Hurb of West Africa), ADF Akuruo Ulo Manual, Several Pamphlets on various activities and visions of ADF. He directed the ADF Admin Officer to distribute these publications to the ADF-YL leadership.

“The ADF President also drew the attention of the participants to major landmark publications of ADF including – Igbo Nation: History and the Challenges of Rebirth and Development (2 vols), This work has been acclaimed as the ABC on Igbo History, Politics and Civilization.

“The 1966 Coup and Biafra: Myths and Realities, OHA NDOM: In Memory of Da Ikonna Nwanyiukwu Enyia -The 1929 Women Resistance against Colonialism, etc.”


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