“Getting my family out of poverty is my biggest win”, says Osimhen

Reigning Africa Best Player, Victor Osimhen has said that getting is family out of poverty is one of his biggest achievement.

The Napoli and Nigeria striker revealed how he hawked in the streets of Lagos to fend for his family who were in abject poverty.

“Olusosun is a small community close to a dump site. Most of the time people go to the dump site to take some valuables for money and resell. I used to go there to look for old boots that I could use to play football. This is how I grew up. It was the culture for a lot of us in the community.

I also used to sell bottled water on the streets of Lagos, to help my family earn a living. I knew that football was the only way to get them out of poverty, so I really invested my time and my life into this job. I am happy that it paid off. Getting my family out of poverty is my biggest win.”

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