Reactions as investigation reveals Remi’s bride to be Otedola’s niece

The internet is buzzing with surprise as the bride of Nollywood actor Kunle Remi, Tiwi, has been unveiled as Femi Otedola’s niece.

The unexpected revelation came to light during the couple’s traditional marriage ceremony, attracting attention from numerous celebrities and influential personalities.

The news sent shockwaves through social media, with netizens expressing awe at the unforeseen connection between Kunle Remi and the affluent Otedola family.

The traditional marriage celebration was marked by a lively dance between Kunle Remi and his aged mother, as showcased in a video shared by the popular Nollywood actor.


The excitement surrounding the event reached a new height when Bella Naija, a reputable news outlet, posted a video capturing Femi Otedola attempting to take photos of the bride during the traditional wedding.

It was during this coverage that the widely unknown fact about Tiwi being Femi Otedola’s niece became public, leading to speculation about familial ties between her mother and the billionaire businessman.

Tiwi, who has maintained a low profile and lacks a discernible presence on social media, has become the subject of curiosity due to her unexpected background.

The surprise connection added an extra layer of intrigue to the joyous occasion; below are some reactions:

According to @ ikwuaja_lynnamaka “Una don see say the babe no small??were are all those jealousy people wey talk say she no too fine?? ????????her money is fine, be caping.”

“Wow, by their nose, you shall know them!!! They kind of resemble ❤️,” @babyeverythingshop said.

“at 1am you are saying see my wife, God bless your home,” @enioluwaofficial added.

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