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Barr Njoku Urges Ezurezu Mbaise to Wake Up, Charts Way Forward

One of the illustrious sons of Mbaise, Barr. Emma Njoku has charged Ezurezu Mbaise to wake up from their slumber to move Mbaise nation forward. reports that Barr. Njoku gave the charge on the occasion of the 2023 Ezurezu Mbaise Day held at the council hall, Aboh Mbaise local government area.

Addressing the people, the renowned lawyer expressed happiness to the apex body, adding that he is encouraged with the fact that the body has continually been seen as a rallying point for Mbaise people stressing whose objective needs to be reformed.

He however, recalled that he asked the members of the apex body, when they paid him a visit, the core mandate of Ezurezu Mbaise.

He noted that he is not aware of it but rather to revisit the objective of Ezurezu Mbaise in case of any distraction, which would help them going forward to expand their network.

The Aboh Mbaise born legal luminary reiterated that the body needs to go beyond the shores of Mbaise pointing out that anything that concerns power is not giving but to negotiate and get it.

He added that the politics of the nation is not gotten by sentiments, but one bargains for power stating that the approach to politics must change if something must be actualized.

He maintained that the body needs to reach out, start working vigorously and be intentional for what the people need stressing, that time has gone when one fights for one party or the other but should always be ready to protect the interest of Mbaise people when it comes to their own personal interest.

He noted that the agenda for Mbaise should be non-partisan while recalling what happened years back as the people got scattered, started running skelter, people got betrayed and couldn’t get themselves together again.

He noted that four years has gone and new era has started and wondered what is going to happen in 2007/2008.

He equally maintained that the people can’t get government presence by folding their hands and looking for crumbs adding that if the government in power is not on the side of the people, they will punish the people just by neglecting them.

He disclosed that he was working on one of the deplorable roads, spent so much to make it motorable but stopped because of threat.

The Barrister insisted that people should be able to get something from government for the good of the people adding, that his interest is not only in Mbaise but Imo people in general.

He advised that the people should change their style because it has not taken them anywhere. He however, expressed displeasure that the poverty in the last 4 years has dragged a lot of youths into all manner of behaviour, drug abuse, kidnapping, armed robbery and all manner of social vices that would destroy their future.

He maintained that Ezurezu Mbaise is purely non-partisan rather a place to protect one’s political interest or the other and called to challenge them to change their plans assuring, that when this is achieved, it will be better for everyone.

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