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Obi Mbieri Leaders affirm traditional prime minister, Prof. Ndikom as custodian of traditional rule, pending return of the traditional ruler.

Stakeholders of Obi-Mbieri Autonomous community in an extraordinary general meeting of all the Village heads, title chiefs, political leaders, development Union Executives and the six presidents general of the six towns in Obi-Mbieri have reached a resolution clearing the air surrounding the apparent uncertainties over the traditional authority in the community.

Reports has it that due to the unavailability of His Royal Highness, Eze Josiah Nzeribe osuji due to his infirmities, certain individuals and groups from within the community and family of the traditional ruler have made attempts to take advantage of the situation to wrought mischief.

In the meeting held on January 3, 2024 the Obi Mbieri leaders unanimously passed a vote of confidence on the Traditional Prime Minister Prof Kyrian Onyeji Ndikom to operate in the acting capacity of Eze of the Community in the absence of His Royal Highness Eze Josiah Nzeribe osuji pending his return to the throne.

At the meeting the stakeholders also placed a ban on any official Obi Mbieri business gathering of any sort at the Eze’s palace except for personal family affairs pending the return of the Eze.
A decision which was agreed would curtail the unprecedented number of unauthorized letters and activities at the Eze’s palace credited to the long absence of the Eze.

The meeting urged the president general of the community, Chief Oparaugo and his group to review the constitution and make clear and necessary recommendations.

The Obi Mbieri leaders also warned the general public to steer clear of any documents or correspondences purportedly emanating from the traditional stool of the Eze or his secretary as only the traditional prime minister, Prof Ndikom is authorized to act in the absence of the Eze.

Similarly, in a follow up meeting of the stakeholders held at the Traditional prime minister’s place today, January 5th 2023, the meeting agreed to be meeting quarterly to ensure consistency and progress in the community. The PRO of the Eze’s cabinet, Chief Johnathon Osuji, and the SA to the Traditional prime minister, Chief Richard Uwandu are charged with the responsibility of arranging the quarterly meetings as well as emergency meetings as needs arise. The meeting praised the Traditional prime minister, Prof. Ndikom for “putting a spare peg in a square hole and declared him a capable hand to direct the affairs of the community in the absence of the Eze as his job entails, as normalcy gradually returns to the community.

Obi Mbieri is strategically positioned at the heart of Mbieri land and it’s peace, progress and development is vital to the overall well being of Mbieri, hence the need for all well meaning hands to be on deck and legitimately contributing to the growth of the community.

The general house unanimously adopted this through a motion at the general assembly held at Nwaoriebom hall square.

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